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As you may have heard, Net10 is sweeping the nation with incredible changes to the way people receive telephone service. They have the leading Pay-As-You-Go Plans for people who are traveling and don’t want to commit to any sort of long term contracts. Like this Real NET10 customer it’s easy to see why Net10 is getting so much good press. You get their incredible plan of nationwide coverage and unlimited talk, text, and data, for the low price of only $50 a month! Compare that to you current plan and I bet you’ll find that Net10 Unlimited is a much better value overall.

Net10 isn’t just some fly by night operation, they have a track record of quality and service that has been heralded by critics and users across the country. They have long distance service to over 75 countries, for around 15 cents per minute on calls originated in the US. That puts you in touch with folks around the globe for pennies and offers you the ability to reach around the globe and not have to reach into the bottom of your wallet.

Watch this Cute NET10 commercial and see why so many are making the switch!

And it’s not just their $50 service, they have plans that start as low as $15! That’s something everyone can get behind. Plus with a large selection of phones, it’s like a customizable service that’s tailor made to your needs. There’s not way that everyone can’t see the benefits of these services and such a varied selection of product. There’s something for everyone, be it business or everyday life.

Isn’t it time to… See the Light?

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