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I just found out about the new LG DoublePlay and it sounds terrific. What’s the new LG DoublePlay™ you ask? Well it’s a new phone that has two dual customizable touch screens, similar to the Nintendo DS in a way. You can use the screens either together or apart from one another, for maximum messaging and interactivity. This allows you to have more that one window open at once and be able to check your email, play on Facebook, check Infinite on your phone or visit you Twitter pages and do these things simultaneously! It’s a revolutionary concept for a smart phone.

And it uses the new Android engine, with access to the Android market and thousands upon thousands of apps. That means you won’t lose any of your favorite games or programs, but you’ll be able to use them and other programs at the same time in this all-in-one ultimate multi-tasking handset!

Typically I send a couple hundred text messages every month or so. And I spend at least a few hours a week total texting on the phone. One of my biggest pet peeves is not being able to text and have other things open at the same time. The need for having two windows is growing with each new app I download and the LG DoublePlay sounds like it could change all that.

How long do you talk, text and message on your phone? Don’t you think the LG DoublePlay could change the way you interact with social networks on your phone?

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