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The folks at Kia Rio are doing a fun new contest that wants to find out what the best song is to listen with your windows down! They are asking for fans to send in songs and suggestions and are making a huge playlist of songs that you and your friends can enjoy in the car. Preferably a new Kia Rio!
Here’s how it goes, first you go to the Facebook link: “Best Songs with your Windows Down” playlist
Then you choose a song. There’s a search function and I tested a few songs and it was able to find them all. Then you select the song you want to enter, put in your name and email, then select if you’d like to hear about great deals from Kia Rio and hit submit. Here’s my application just before I submitted it…

It’s just that simple. Then you wait for your song to be approved to the playlist. The great thing is, you can check out your entry and all the other entries on the playlist via Spotify. If you don’t already have Spotify downloaded, there’s a convenient download link right there on the page. Simply open up Spotify, search out the playlist and enjoy the tunes!
I chose Tubthumping for my song, because it reminds me of an old Roddy Piper promo I saw once which had that as the background music. Nothing gets me jamming more than that with the car down. I suspect if I did more songs, I’d add some Hendrix and maybe Alice Cooper.
Why is Kia inviting you to do all this? Because of their wicked new Voice-Activated UVO Infotainment System powered by Microsoft. It’s in their new Kia Rio and it’s essentially a one stop hub for all the cool entertainment gadgets and abilities that you’d want in your car. It’s one step closer to making your car like KITT from Knight Rider! Don’t take my word for it, check out this groovin’ video example!
The all-new 2012 Kia Rio looks jamming, just like the tunes I just added to the Spotify playlist!

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