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There’s a new app out for smart phones that will change the way you shop this holiday season, literally! I hadn’t heard of it, but now that I’m aware of it, I can’t believe someone didn’t think of it before. It’s called FastMall and what it does is help navigate you to the specific stores you’re looking for in the mall, without having to go to the directory or wander around aimlessly trying to find your favorite retailer.

This just happened to me last week while Christmas shopping. I was looking for a specific store and I always know where that store is at based on a sign for the food court. However when I was at the mall, they had taken down the food court sign and I unintentionally went the wrong way, forcing me to walk the entire length of the mall again to get to the store I was looking for. During the holiday rush, you know just how much a pain strolling through the mall can be, especially if you’re just trying to get in quick and get out.
FastMall will eliminate those sort of problems, by giving you specific, accurate and detailed directions on where to go next. It’ll let you know the fastest and easiest way in and out of your local stores by guiding you through the mall with no fuss and no muss. The newest version, FastMallv4, has all sorts of added features, more than nay other app of it’s kind out there, including coupons and deals for the stores you’re hitting. Now you’ll never walk into a store and not know that there’s a sale going on!
Best of all, you don’t need a GPS, don’t need WiFi or even an internet signal! It can do the work without any of that! Truly an amazing little device. There’s a FastMall for Android and a FastMall for iPhone. No matter what phone you’re using, they’ve got you covered!
It’s an incredible piece of technology and this fast, affordable, reliable piece of technology can be your go-to guide this Holiday Shopping Season. Download the app yourself and take it for a test drive, there’s no doubt it can help those holiday mall shopping experiences. I’d be shocked if Santa doesn’t have one himself!

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