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This Halloween season, take a trip to the wild side with Casio’s new watches that have been designed by hit music artist Ke$ha. It’s crazy how rockin’ these watches are and they not only are ready to unleash that inner wild child in you, but they come with the quality that the name Casio has provided for decades.

Ke$ha has made two special watches, one that’s patriotic and full of red, white and blue and another that’s animal rage driven, with leopard-like animal print. I’m not sure which one’s better, but I know they’d both look great on mine or my lady’s wrists. Don’t you think you’d look great in one of these fashionable, fantastic watches?

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The contest isn’t for the Ke$ha watches, but it is for a classicly styled, excellent quality Baby-G. While you’re there filling out the forms and reading the contest rules. Why not check out Ke$ha’s spectacular photo shoot video with Baby-G?

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Casio and Ke$ha have teamed up in an incredible way and we’re proud to be able to tell you all about experiencing the movement first hand.

These watches are spooky hot!


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