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The fine folks at Boost Mobile, who came to fame with their “Where you at?” campaign are launching an awesome new phone. It features all the things you’ve come to love from Boost Mobile, like their nationwide coverage and excellent customer support, but comes in a smaller, more stylish package. The sleek new qwerty keyboard flip phone is the SANYO Incognito™ and it comes with the $50 Monthly Unlimited Plan. That’s with no contract required. The phone itself appears to be one the best they’ve ever offered with a 2 Mega Pixel camera, VGA camcorder and enhanced web browsing features.

For more information on the phone, check out the following link: SANYO Incognito

The Incognito Boost package includes the following top notch features:

– Price point: $129.99 (excluding taxes) with free shipping when purchased through the required link

– Model Number: SANYO Incognito™ SCP6760

– Unlimited Plan: $50 Monthly Unlimited, no contract required

There are a lot of good phones out there on the market today. Choosing can be difficult. However, I know that many people refuse to sign a contract and be locked into a cellular phone. Boost Mobile provides one of the best services with no contract being required, nationwide coverage, and the unlimited plan/price. Even the biggest skeptics of cell phone companies can realize that this is a pretty awesome deal. If you’re one of those people on the go and not looking to get bogged down with a contract, Boost’s new offer is right up your alley.

The SANYO Incognito™ looks to be a top notch phone with EVDO capabilities and a full QWERTY keyboard, plus picture & video messaging and bluetooth capability. If you’re in the market for a new phone, I’d suggest checking out my sponsor.

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