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This website is frequented by concerned parents and Mothers all the time. That’s why we’re quite fond of the new Baby Growth Chart Widget that’s available for websites. What this widget does, is allow you to keep track of your child’s growth in a fun and interactive way. If you run a “Mom Blog” or have a site the caters to kids and the parents who raise them, this widget is an essential way to keep things engaging and entice other Moms and Dads to stay longer on your site.

This growth chart uses the rigid and very useful international standards for child growth. This is the information officially used by the World Heath Organization, to help make sure your baby is reaching their targeted growth in an optimal environment. This is useful not only for Moms and Dads, but for anyone who visits your website. Potentially increasing your SEO in the blog and also giving you more fun downloads for your visitors. Did I mention that you save this as an image or print the charts out? Well you can! Talk about keeping things simple and carefree.

Whether you’re looking for a Baby Height Chart or a Baby Weight Chart, you can use the widget to you advantage. This is a key element in helping create that community aspect, that blogs are so often focused on. When parents visit our website, they’re often looking for tips on the latest trends for their children, but using something like the Baby Growth Chart Widget in conjunction with our information, would give them the one-two punch that they need to keep coming back.

That’s why almost any site could use the widget and it’s why it’s sure to be a hit for your users if you install it. As always, visit their website for more information and check out all the official details. Then figure out which chart widgets are best for you and start optimizing your site right away!

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