Looking for a new way to watch movies online for free? Want to watch movies online? Check out MoviesPlanet.Com! It’s a lot like a P2P client, but it’s done through a website and allows sharing legally. What surprised me most is how much content they have up on the site. Since it works more in a peer to peer style, it’s different than say Hulu or something of that nature. Still, it’s a good resource to find some new movies that may be in your interest.

The best part about free movies is that you can watch them as soon as they are up on the site. While I do wonder how they’re able to get some of these movies so early, it’s definitely a nice place to watch stuff. It shouldn’t replace your NetFlix account, but you could use it as a supplement. One of the best features of the site is a rating and movie list, where you are able to see how movies fare in a RottenTomatoes style. Who wouldn’t want to watch movies for free?

They even have a wacky commercial:

Did anyone else notice those StarCraft sound effects in that commercial? No? Okay then.

Watch Movies Online

So what exactly is MoviesPlanet? Well it’s sort of a central hub for places where movies, TV shows, etc are uploaded. MoviesPlanet doesn’t house the stuff themselves, which is how it retains avoiding any issues with the legal departments of movie companies. According to the legal department on the website, everything is on the up and up so don’t worry too much about the questionable legality of the operation. Just use your same basic common sense that you would use when generally using any internet service.

Finally you should be vigilante that any movie you are watching is up to you. You aren’t downloading the movies. Instead, MoviesPlanet acts as a social network where you can share movies and shows with like minded people. Plus there are forums, polls, everything you could want. It’s a very unique idea and one that eventually might come under scrutiny so you should take advantage of this service while you can.

Then go ahead and check out MoviesPlanet.com and see if they have anything you like. What’s to lose?

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