A slightly belated set of condolences to the family and fans of Tetsuo Narikawa. Tetsuo was the star of the famous Ultraman-like show from the 1970’s, Spectreman. Spectreman actually had it’s entire series redubbed and aired on TBS here in America. The show was quite popular here in the states, although the fan base never quite reached the size of Ultraman.

The Spectreman show also became quite popular in Mexico and Spanish speaking countries. Tetsuo Narikawa not only starred as the title character, Joji Gamou, but he also appeared in several other Sentai style shows, including Ultraman Leo and Masked Rider.

Tetsuo Narikawa was the spokesman for Panasonic in Japan for many years and more recently worked very heavily in the martial arts community, even founding a tournament. He is wildly respected in Japan, not only for his screen work, but for his karate skills. Tetsuo Narikawa was only 65 years old. While Tetsuo may have left this Earth, his legacy as the immortal Spectreman will live on forever.

5 Responses to Spectreman Title Actor Passes Away

  • Justin says:

    This really sucks. I love Spectreman and have only recently started getting into it. Hopefully the english dub finds it's way to dvd at some point in the near future. George was awesome! He will certainly be missed!

  • jeff says:

    sucks! grew up watching channel 44 in the 70s an 80s…spectreman was my hero..george u rock..rip

  • Mecha-Shiva says:

    Crap,I used to rent the videos for the series,I watched these before Ultraman.RIP,Tetsuo.

  • Tim Lucas says:

    I didn’t even know of his passing. I grew up watching Spectreman. Other than Batman, Spectreman was my absolute favorite superhero tv show to watch. He had the coolest martial arts movements, the end kill hand gesture was my favorite along with his throwing stars and built in razor arms and the sword he’d take out once in awhile to really show off. I couldn’t wait to watch him defeat the evil Dr. Gori’s inferior creatures and make a laughing stock out of him. George was one of the coolest alter egos, but he had one of the hardest jobs because there were times he couldn’t interfere even when he knew if he DID, he could of saved someone but that would of meant he would of given himself away as to his true identity. I just recently found out about his series on Dvd now and can’t wait to watch him fight Dr. Gori all over again. Tetsuo Narikawa / Spectreman — you will be sorely missed but we know you have returned to your Nebula after saving the earth.

  • Marty says:

    Thank you tetsuo……rip..

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