Sonic The Hedgehog
Vector & Espio
3 Inch Scale
By: Jazwares

Our look at some of the new figures in the Sonic The Hedgehog concludes today with a review of Vector the Crocodile and Espio the Chameleon in a brand new comic pack. This is the newest Sonic pack on the market and includes another “deluxe” style figure in Vector. Unlike the last pack which featured Dr. Robotnik, I have no emotional attachment to these figures and purely bought them because they looked cool.

Vector is the leader of the Chaotix detective agency and despite his outward appearance is a nice guy with strong values. Almost as strong as his powerful jaws and fists. Espio is an expert ninja with the ability to turn himself invisible. Instead of avoiding danger, he often thrusts himself into it, to test his skills.

Believe it or not, Vector is older than Tails. He was slated to appear in the very first Sonic game, in a special “Sound Test” mode as part of a band. The mode was taking too long and eventually cut from the final game where only a regular sound test remained. He wouldn’t show up again until the Knuckles Chaotix for the 32X, which is ironically where Espio made his debut as well. I never owned a 32X, as I had already learned my lesson with the Sega CD.


Unlike the last two pack, which was a window box, this is a “comic pack”. I believe Hasbro came up with the comic pack, but it’s a great idea and now every company uses it. DC/MOTU have comic packs, Ben 10 has them and now Sonic as well.

The back of the package shows off the rest of the comic packs, which seem to be loaded most often with Sonic. Yet, I still don’t have a basic Sonic! Anyway, it also gives a little bio for each character. Overall the package is quite nice and very colorful.

I mostly bought this pack for Vector, because I’ve seen his art before and thought he looked cool. He reminds me of the big gator guys from Donkey Kong Country. The sculpt is quite nice, with a fair amount of detail but definitely rooted in a cartoon atmosphere.

Vector is quite large too, which definitely makes you feel like you’re getting a bit more value. The shape of his body is wide and he really feels like a bulk figure. Always a nice trait when buying a character who is supposed to be big in his world.

Unfortunately right off I noticed something was amiss with Vector. One of his legs, at the hip, is apparently in the wrong side. You really can’t notice it too much when just looking at him, but it’s similar to my Sonic Black Knight figure which has the wrong fist.

Because the leg is on a ball joint and the foot on a swivel, you should be able to counteract this by flipping it all around. Which, indeed, I can do. However it still means the leg acts wonky and Vector has a hard time standing. I’m trying now to just bend the plastic into a shape that helps him stand. It’s frustrating and Jazwares absolutely must improve their quality control if they want me to continue on with this line.

Espio thankfully doesn’t have any QC issues, but the character doesn’t interest me much. I mean, it’s a pink dude with a heart shaped chest. He looks like he should be a female character. The design of the figure is nice and the bigger feet help to make sure he can stand, whereas Sonic has issues.

As you can see, Espio is larger than Sonic, but definitely still in the same scale. He has lots more little details throughout.

All in all, both figures have a lot of good sculpting elements and the paint on them is really solid. I’ve found few if any real flaws in the paint. Aside from some issues with Vector’s leg, this is a very solid set. However, the leg issue is a pretty big issue. Vector is big and heavy, and without both legs just right, he falls over or warps easily.

One of the things that has really made this line stand out is the articulation. The Sonics and friends tend to be super articulated. This trend continues here.

Both figures are well articulated. Espio has all the same joints as Sonic, as does Vector to my knowledge. A couple tight joints throughout, but nothing as bad as on the previous pack.

The articulation is enough to give you some decent poses, though both figures are somewhat limited by their design. It’s good to get a few different poses, but their hand shapes seem to limit them in my view. It’s like they’re going to a disco-tech or something.

This set comes with a comic.

Sonic seems to have a few different universes and this follows the Archie universe. It’s confusing and honestly the comic reminds me more of one of those Manga teen comics that all the kids read in Borders. As a “comic” I didn’t much enjoy it. There are two stories, one which barely features Vector or Espio and another which is a future story where Sonic is married and apparently an ass to his family. I dunno, I thought I would enjoy these, but I didn’t.

$13 for two figures really isn’t bad. The included comic definitely helps up the value, but the comic itself is part one of a two part series. Which ultimately means you get no conclusion. It also lacks any real action from the characters included in the set. I wish companies would be a bit more selective in their comic inclusions.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 8
Sculpting – 8
Articulation – 7
Accessories – Comic
Value – 8
Overall – 7 out of 10

I’m scoring this a 7 out of 10, but only because I had the QC issue. Had the Vector figure not had the oddball leg, I would have given this the 8 out 10 that it truly deserves. Of course it’s just by luck that my Vector is useable at all. Had the leg been worse off, perhaps the pack would have scored lower.

They’re both decent little figures and I quite like the sculpt on Vector. If you are deeper into the Sonic universe or know a bit more about these guys than I do, you’re bound to enjoy them more. If you only have a passing interest, it might be better to stick with the core characters from the first couple of Sonic games.

While Robotnik and company got me wanting to dig deeper into this line, the QC issues and the boring comic actually pulled me away from this a bit. Perhaps I should stick more into the video game universe elements and less so, into the comic and expanded elements.

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