If you follow me on Twitter, you may remember a Tweet this past week where I mentioned I was playing some vintage Sonic the Hedgehog. I busted out my Sonic Mega collection because I was bored. It had been years since I played Sonic, but I immediately fell back in love with it. The original Sonic games were awesome.

Somewhere in the translation to 3D, things went south. Although the Sonic CD game was decent, Sonic soon got out of his element and churned out a bunch of mediocre games at best, horrible ones at worst. The Sonic name was badly tarnished and it wasn’t until Mario versus Sonic and the DS game Sonic Rush that he slowly started to become relevant again. It’s crazy that Nintendo brought Sonic back to life in a whole new way.

Which brings us to SEGA’s recent announcement of a brand new Sonic game. Normally that wouldn’t bring excitement from me, but it’s a return to the side scrolling genre and an official sequel to Sonic 3. It’s SONIC 4! Check out the video below:

Any other Sonic fans out there? I remember the first time I beat one of the Sonic games. It was awesome. Back when I only got to play SEGA when I visited my cousin.

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