This is pretty obviously a non-story, but something sort of fun that amused me today. Apparently Marilyn Monroe liked to partake in the cannabis. At least on a few occasions. I’m not sure why this is a surprise to anyone, as drugs were as prevalent if not more in old Hollywood than new Hollywood. There’s a picture floating around on the internet of a video someone took of Marilyn at a party firing it up.

The video is going to be sold on Ebay later this week and will probably go for quite a bit. Apparently it was discovered in someone’s attic. Why anyone videotaped Marilyn at a party smoking a joint is beyond me, but I’m guessing it was the 1950’s equivalent of “Dude Marilyn Monroe was not over your house.” To which you could then say, “Oh yeah, well look at this video!”

If only the Kennedys hadn’t had Monroe killed we could have gotten her on the cover of High Times.

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  • PrfktTear says:

    Thats funny… I guess the reason someone taped Marilyn is the same reason someone taped Michael Phelps. If there was an internet back then, I'm sure it would have been all around in a matter of hours. Hollywood was a lot different back then, at least its perception, but yeah, stars did as many drugs back then as they do now.

  • borisbadenovisback says:

    Ah, technically, she could still be on the cover of High Times….like all the other drug-addled idiots and/or sluts. Just pay the royalties to her estate representative.

  • Downtown says:

    I was there that afternoon. Marilyn was smoking a cigarette, not pot. She was a pill head, not a pot head. By the way, there were children in this shot, they have been cropped out.

  • Interesting. However all reports indicate that it's pot, which is why it's passed around in the video. Pot wasn't as popular back then, but was starting to make the rounds as a party drug.

  • muffinfluffer says:

    downtown is full of it.

  • alice sam says:

    I know this is old.,but I have been looking at Marilyn Monroe's pictures for the past week and I noticed she always has that stoned look on her face. Nearly in every damn picture. You all l know what I'm talking about . The grin, the droopy eyes….hmm i think she was big time stoner. If you read some of the book written about her by the people that knew and worked for her. They all say she had emotional problems and was always nervous on set and around people/ makes me think she smoked pot to calm her nerves..

  • I can sort of see what you're saying. Perhaps some of that sexy allure with the looks she'd give, was dope related.

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