Have you ever seen Fox Reality Network’s TV show, Solitary? Right now they’re on veriso 3.0 of the show. It’s easily the best reality/game show ever created. The nonsense that passes for “challenges” on Survivor are nothing compared to this. The show is so awesome, it’s actually hard to explain how intense it is.

Essentially there are 8 confinement pods, where 8 contestants compete against each other and themselves but never see or hear one another. The pods are small and they’re in “solitary” the whole time with only VAL (A play on 2001’s HAL) to direct them.

Then they go through tests, to avoid treatments. The treatments are long brutal contests of endurance, physical, mental, etc that go on until someone quits. The tests are usually very hard as well, with lots of things to confuse you.

It’s actually much cooler than it sounds. The psychology of the game is intense. VAL does things that raise the spirits of the contestants and also lower them. Some of these people literally snap. It’s brilliant TV.

Some of the tortures they come up with are insane too. On shows like Survivor, you often find yourself sitting on the couch saying, “Yeah I could do that”, but with a lot of these, you’re definitely not thinking that. It’s not all stupid stuff like Fear Factor either. While there are some gross or torturous elements, it’s the mind puzzles that really get to people.

Did I mention sleep/food/water deprivation? Yeah. It’s crazy.

So check it out!

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