Jazwares has shown off some of their new upcoming Sonic The Hedgehog 3 inch figures and they look fantastic. New characters on the horizon include Dr. Robotonik as well as Vector and super Sonic. I’m really digging this series, though I can’t ever seem to find them anywhere. Toys R Us is supposed to have them, but mine is woefully under stocked.

Apparently some Chaos Emeralds are coming as well. Hopefully I can track some of these guys down. Though I do hope they focus a bit more on characters from the earlier games. Those are the most important guys to me. Thus far the only Sonic figure I reviewed was the Black Knight Sonic and that was last year. Hopefully I’ll get some more up in the near future… If I can ever find the little buggers.

I’d love to see an articulated Mario line now, thank you very much! Seriously, I’d probably drop 90% of my other lines for a really well done articulated Super Mario Brothers toy line. The current vinyl figures are alright, but I want more playable toys.

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