These showed up a few days ago on GallifreyBase, but I just now got around to posting about them. It’s a look at an extended part of the upcoming Doctor Who wave. These weren’t announced, but obviously are coming out soon. The astronaut is an interesting figure and I can see it being repurposed by non-Who fans.

The rest of the lineup is okay, but nothing amazing. River Song has a single card release which is very similar to her “exclusive” so if you’re like me and have been on the fence, this might work. Also every figure in the wave comes with ganger “flesh” masks. I approve of bonus accessories.

8 Responses to Sneak Peak at New Doctor Who Wave

  • jason says:

    I was kinda hoping for a Richard Nixon figure

  • Eric Qel-Droma says:

    What scale are these?

  • 5 Inch scale.

  • That would have been awesome.

  • wesitron says:

    Are we seriously -seriously- getting an Uncle toy before we get a Rory? They've already got a centurion body, fer cryin out loud! I'll take it, man!

    I guess they gotta push the playsets, though, and he'll go alright with the junk Tardis. Sadface.

    Nice River, though. Thank Caprica I won't have to pay a hundred thousand dollars for her on the ebays.

  • fengschwing says:

    I'm starting to think Arthur Darvill hasn't signed off on his likeness being used.

  • Horatio says:

    The four new figures there went for silly money on ebay. £127 (or a smidge over $200) for that astronaut. crazy money just to have it a little bit earlier than most everyone else.

    Personally I'll definitely be picking up the Astronaut, River and Ganger Doctor. Already have Idris so I'm not buying her again just for a little cube. Uncle I've already passed on and I'll pass again. Just don't like that character.

  • Bill White says:

    Is it me, or does this line keep getting less interesting with each new wave? The astronaut looks cool, but the others? Meh. This is too bad, as this is/was one of the best lines of action figures out there.

    I have to think fengschwing is right. Why else would there STILL be no Rory?!

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