I’ve got a little something different today, as this is a bit of a joint post with ToyBender.com ran by the rather awesome Paul. You may have seen the site or some of Paul’s posts over at Poe Ghostal. Paul ran a little contest where he was giving away Snarf from Thundercats Pencil Toppers and I happened to be a winner. I promised a review so here we go…

I should mention right up from that Paul is selling these little guys at his Dinosaur Toy Vault E-Crater store as well. Why am I mentioning that? Well I won this Snarf just a couple of days ago and Paul shipped it out to me in record time. So much so that I’ve won a few items on Ebay over a week ago and still haven’t gotten them but Paul got Snarf to me practically overnight. So if you’re thinking about using the Dinosaur Toy Vault, obviously he ships fast.

Snarf is about two inches or so tall and features no articulation but has a pretty good sculpt. His paint aps are few but are actually pretty accurate to the real Snarf’s design.

A little research on Ebay reveals that this Snarf is a lie. He’s not a pencil topper at all. He’s a straw holder. Apparently he was part of a Burger King premium in the early 1980’s. Back before Burger King was really the #2 burger joint. Which adds to his collectability and rarity.

This is both a good and a bad thing. Pencil toppers and straw holders are both crazy 80’s ideas that you really don’t see anymore. However a pencil topper is probably more common these days.

I tried getting Snarf to hold a pencil but that turned out to be pretty futile. His grip is too lose to hold onto a standard #2 pencil and yet too thin to hold onto a BiC Mechanical #2 pencil. He can hold onto a ink pen quite well but it’s a bit hard to force him down onto them. I’d recommend sticking him on the top end first.

However when you put Snarf to his true calling (straws) he works like a charm. He keeps my handy big gulp straw from falling too far into the Icee beverage. And he has fun doing it. He told me so.

As a matter of fact I went out today with my Snarf and ordered a nice ice cool drink, then put him on the straw and a beautiful girl came up and flirted with me. I asked her why she came up and thrust herself upon me, wondering if it was my dashing good looks, my perfect tan or my massive muscles and she replied that she was a “Snarf Lady” and wanted to see if I would Snarf her Snarfer. Needless to Snarf, I Snarfed the Snarf out of it.

Okay, maybe none of that happened. But maybe it did! Snarf straw holders are basically like Axe body spray. I’m sure of it.

As for Snarf, he works well with straws and if you want to get him on your pen you can. He also fits in well the old Thundercats figures although he’s a little undersized. If you’re looking for a replacement Snarf because a dog chewed your old one up, he’ll do in a pinch. It’s rare to find a real Snarf in good condition, but these Snarfs are MINTY MINT!


In conclusion, I’m quite pleased with this Snarf. Granted, I got him for free, but Paul is charging a low, low cost for them over at Dinosaur Toy Vault. I checked Ebay and they want over $5 for a Snarf! ROBBERY! So I’d recommend going to the Dinosaur Toy Vault and picking up a Snarf today. Who knows, maybe it’ll get you laid! If not at least you’ll have a little buddy to confide in.

2 Responses to Snarf Pencil Topper Straw Holder Review

  • Paul says:

    lol, thanks for the plug and review! Good to know he helps get the ladies.

    I also put the Snarf on a sale, so he’s a quarter cheaper and the shipping has been lowered by .50 cents.

  • Anonymous says:

    Early 80’s? Date on the base should be 1986. And for what it is worth, look at the markings. This actaully not Snarf. It is Snarfer, check the ears, lightning bolts on arms, etc… Snarf had no red on the ears, or lightning bolts. This may also add to his rarity. I have one of these, in the original bag.

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