According to Entertainment Weekly, the CW has decided that Smallville’s two part Justice Society arch will now be a two-hour movie, and will premiere on January 29th. Geoff Johns wrote the episodes, titled “Society” and “Legends” and featuring such DC Comics stalwarts as Stargirl, Hawkman, and Dr. Fate. They were to air as two separate episodes, but CW felt they could get more out of it as a two-hour movie.

Hell to the yeah! I’m a big fan of Smallville, despite not watching it for a few seasons when it first premiered because I felt it was too far disconnected from the DC Universe. Then the show started getting more and more in tune with Superman and DC and now I’m hooked. I’m very curious how they’ll do Hawkman.

Johns is one of the better comic scribes around today and I think he’ll be able to do some good with this. Hopefully CW will promote the hell out of this and it’ll do some good ratings. I really want Smallville to get at least one more season and so do the producers.

Looking forward to this!

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