ROTU Slimed Drones
It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of the Zoloworld Realm of the Underworld toy line. In fact, I would guess that I probably have one of the largest collections of ROTU in existence. But with the Halloween season upon us, I wanted to point out some of the awesomeness of the new Slimed Drones Realm of the Underworld wave. The figures are technically wave 2.5 in the overall ROTU toy line, but for all intents and purposes this is a special subwave of “slime” figures. Which means lots and lots of translucent versions of your favorite Underworld characters, along with a few new figures as well.

I intend to review the entire series in the weeks ahead (along with a ton of 5.75 content) but for now, my focus is purely on the Halloween aspect of these new figures. They’re pretty much the PERFECT Halloween toys! I remember as a kid looking for particularly scary toys to play with around Halloween, and there were plenty of old standbys, Skeletor, Scare-Glow, Burnheart from Super Naturals and the like… But ROTU Slime Drones would have been a wet dream back then.

Just take a look at these guys, they’re downright awesome. Featuring bright Halloween colors (shame there’s no orange one!) and tons of gruesome sculpts, these guys are wicked cool. Those translucent colors practically make them look like candy! Let’s take a closer look at these sick and twisted totally Halloween, non-Halloween toys! 

Legendary Journeys Hercules
These are some gnarly monstrous figures, with skeletons, dragons and necromancers. There’s even a “toxic terror” version of ROTU hero, Hercules. Not all of the figures are even featured in this post, just a couple that I thought were particularly ghoulish. Pretty much the entire Realm of the Underworld line could be considered Halloween figures in some fashion, but these especially stick out.

Halloween Skelton
It’s hard not to appreciate the inherent horror in these guys. Of course, who couldn’t love a slime green skeleton with an appetite for destruction?

Works great with previous ROTU figures!

Works great with previous ROTU figures!

Each figure comes with a ton of translucent accessories which work perfectly with your previous Realm of the Underworld figures or a variety of other action figures.

Halloween Toys
And like previous Realm of the Underworld releases, their body parts (heads, legs, arms and armor) are completely interchangeable. Allowing you to create your own nightmarish versions of each guy. I’m a big fan of swapping Grooze-Sum’s (yes that’s his name!) armor with Molten Meltdown Acromancer, while using Acromancer’s alternate head on Toxic Terror Hercules’ body. The combinations are truly endless, especially when you combine with accessories and gear from previous waves.

Some figures glow!

Some of the Slimed Drones Realm of the Underworld figures glow!

Oh and did I mention some of the figures glow in the dark? Yes, that’s right! Adding to even more excitement. This is a powerful glow too, it’s super bright in person.

Evil Wizard
There’s just so much fun to be had with these horrific figures. I am so excited to have these guys just in time for Halloween! It’s pure luck that they shipped in October, but boy does it resonate well. You can still order some (but not all) of these guys over at and I believe many online retailers have them in stock now too. A perfect Halloween treat!

And I almost forgot… Each figure comes with it’s own bag of SLIME! yes, the nefarious sludge that you can pour over your figures and turn them into icky freaks!

ooze 2Ooze

It comes in an assortment of colors like yellow, green and blue (only one featured here for simplicity sake) and this is high class slime too. It’s not the cheap slime from dollar stores, nor is it like the old slime that stuck to everything. This goop slowly covers your figures, but comes right off and reforms so you can keep your slime to use time and time again! It’s awesome stuff and I never much cared for slime as a kid, but this is hands down the best ooze I’ve handled. Check out the video below to see it in action.


SLIMED DRONES! Check out that gross goop in action! Yeah buddy, it’s perfect for All Hallow’s Eve!

Halloween Monster Toy
There’s nothing not to like about these guys. They’re downright evil and perfect for Halloween and of course, fun all year round!

The Last Descendant
Be sure to check back in right here at Infinite Hollywood in the near future for full reviews of the entire set of 10 different figures!

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  • Bobby Horne says:

    Hey Newton! Great review! This line is such a great tribute to MOTU. I had a very small part in the production. I supplied the vinyl decal that is on the window box and on the slime pouch. Also, the name decal that is with each figure. Just GREAT people to work with. Keep up the good work!

    • Newton says:

      Thanks man. I am loving ROTU so much. Sounds like everyone involved just loves what they do. Always cool to hear that.

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