Our Halloween Celebration is in full swing and continues with an overview of an item I picked up at Walmart. Usually I avoid Walmart like the plague, but the chance to score a Skeleton Bobble head filled with Runts-esque cadaver candy was too much temptation. I reached right into the Sam Walton cesspool and pulled out this treat, just for you! I’ve made it clear that I pretty much hate Bobble heads (Why the hate? What’d they ever do to you?) before and refuse to buy them on principle alone, but this guy was only .99¢ and that’s hard to argue with.

The tag specifically says that this is “Halloween shaped candy”, but it just looks like body part candy to me. I mean, what does a random bone really have to do with Halloween? Sure, you can use it in a skeleton context, but on it’s own? I think not.

The candy inside has an interesting color scheme. There is a hand and foot (not pictured) which come in a purple color. The rib cage and dog bone (human femur perhaps?) come in white and the skull comes in a interesting green-black color. I really expected this candy to taste like those off brand Runts you find in gumball machines (MMM!), but instead I found out that it tastes more like it came from Boris Karloff’s taint than any gumball machine.

The top of the skeleton pops off at the shoulders to reveal the candy inside. It’s wrapped in a plastic wrapper inside, but again, it’s not sealed for freshness. For whatever reason, the skeleton’s head reminds me of Jacques LaLean from the old Beetlejuice cartoon.

As far as being an actual Bobble head? Well it’s pretty good, believe it or not. The little spring at the neck gives it just enough wobble. Considering the low cost and the fact that it came packed with candy (no matter how dreadful) it’s a pretty good value overall.

If you’ve got a hankering for the taste of Franken-taint, or just want a cheap do-it-yourself Jacques LaLean Bobble head… You can’t go wrong with this! It’s .99¢ reasonably well spent.

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