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I never got into Bionicle or any of those sort of connecting toys, so the fact that I’m reviewing a Skeleflex figure today is pretty rare. My exposure to these types of toys is pretty limited. I do vaguely recall Poe Ghostal reviewing one way back in 2008, but his review was pretty bare bones (har-har) without even a score. I haven’t given the toys much thought, but for whatever the reason when I went out last night I thought I’d check in the Lego aisle to see what was up. I actually wanted to see if they had any of these sorts of figures, because I thought there might be some cool monsters.

Sure enough, I spotted Skeleflex Warriors and saw that they were on clearance. One of my favorite underrated lines as a kid was Playmates Skeleton Warriors and this seemed to be channeling that. Plus I love clearance toys, so of course I dived head first. Thankfully they had the guy I really wanted, a T-Rex meets the Minotaur, named Mynotorg.

The year is 2180 and Aliens have enslaved all humans. Dr. Herzog has resurrected Dino bones to battle the Aliens, but in a horrific turn of events, the bloodthirsty Dinos have began attacking people! In this epic battle of good versus evil, vengeful Aliens and mutant Warriors join forces to defeat the savage Dinos.

That’s a pretty interesting back story. Obviously it doesn’t just pertain to Mynotorg, but the plot as a whole. Sounds like the humans don’t make it through, since only mutants and aliens are teaming up to fight these Dino guys. History shows again and again, how nature points out the folly of man.

Part of these guy’s gimmick is their cool packaging. They come in a big dinosaur (allegedly) bone hand. That makes them pretty hard to miss. The color of the bone hand is more or less the color of the creature inside, although there is a slight pigment difference.

As a package it’s nice because it can store all your bone parts. Or if you’re unlikely to ever take this apart (like me) you can use it as a background piece. Skeletor’s throne room, anyone?

No two ways about it, this is a cool package. Certainly more fun than cardboard and plastic that immediately goes into the trash. The only real complaint I have is that you need scissors to cut the plastic tabs that hold it together.

Also pretty cool, if you have small wrists and feminine hands, you can wear it as a glove! Punch your sister in the face with it! Add it to your Halloween costume! Pretend to be a certain Smooth Criminal from the grave! The possibilities are endless. Thankfully I don’t know anyone with such girly features.

The back of the package tells some of the details about the figures and has his stats like speed, strength, intelligence and so on. It’s not the greatest and most detailed, but it’s better than nothing. The sides of the package show off the other figures in the series, less you think there be no cross sell.

So when you open this bad boy up, you get a big bucket of parts. I counted 32 pieces, but there may be a couple more give or take. Needless to say if you’re not up for building, then you could be in trouble.

It doesn’t look like the most daunting task, but it certainly doesn’t look super easy either. Be prepared to maybe not get everything right. Of course one of the design elements of this toy is that you can rearrange things to your liking, or swap in and add other parts from other Skeleflex figures.

All of the bones feature pretty much identical connector pieces, with a few differences here or there. It’s not overwhelming, but it’s a bit more complicated than my old ERTL Socket Poppers.

They do include a key of sorts, but it’s not very detailed and a lot of the parts look the same.

I tried to remember everything Slim Goodbody told me as a kid, but I don’t recall if he ever covered mutant dinosaur monsters. If he did, I probably missed that episode. Damned pre-DVR era! Knee bone is connected to the what-bone again?

As you can see from this picture, I confused the spine and the tail a few times. The bones look very similar, so it can be a bit confusing. I’d say it took me 15 minutes to put it all together, once I caught my mistakes.


Once you finally get this beast assembled though, it’s definitely worth it. This guy is just downright cool. I can definitely feel the satisfaction in making him. It’s pretty great and I know this could be a lot of fun if you had more parts to work with.

Most all of the plastic, with a few exceptions, is pretty hard. It’s not brittle, but a couple of the joints you might could snap if you weren’t careful. Once he’s assembled though, he feels remarkably solid, from head to tail. One shoulder joint is a little loose, but not floppy loose. Everything else feels quite tight, though.

Did I mention this guy is HUGE! He’s about 10 inches or so, but that’s with him being fully hunched over. If you swap some pieces around or just get him standing straight up, he’s even bigger. With the tail in place of the spinal cord you could get him closer to 15 inches. Impressive!


Despite being massive all around, this guy has an incredible sense of balance. In the picture above, despite it looking like he’s using his tail for support, I assure you he’s standing completely on one hoof. That’s something most my figures can’t do. For something this huge to stand on one leg, is pretty wild.

There isn’t a single scrap of paint on this guy and obviously some of these bone pieces are reused in other sets. He’s also got a couple of areas that aren’t molded all the way around, like the horns. Still the details are pretty good and there’s no mistaking that this guy is a big bad ass bone monster. I imagine you COULD paint him if you wanted, but I still think he’s pretty rad even without a single paint op.

He does have separate molded armor pieces that are removable. They give him a lot of character and help stand this out from just being like, an educational toy or something.

I’m not 100% certain on how many points of articulation there are, it depends on how you counted them. What I can say is that I counted 23 separate ball joints. These are all TRUE ball joints as well, not pin/post or swivel hinge style. What does that mean?

It means plain and simple that this guy is incredibly poseable. Probably more so than most of what you have in your collection. Want his knees to bend out to the side? Just spin that joint around. Every joint has full ball range to do with as you please.

For all intents and purposes, this guy is a multi-jointed masterpiece. I especially love the ball joint in the jaw. It allows him to operate it like a hinge, but gives him a bunch more range. I can’t recall any other figure with a ball jointed jaw and it really benefits his expressions.

One of the great things about this figure, as I mentioned earlier, is that you can use any of his parts in other creations. So essentially this isn’t a single figure so much as it is one big kit.

Still as a individual character, you do get a few accessories. His outfit is completely removable, so I’m counting it. That includes two gauntlets and a pair of chest straps. He also has a big soft rubber mace, that’s pretty vicious.

While technically not an accessory, his tail end is also a mace. You can remove it, so it could become his hand or something, if you were so inclined.

I picked this guy up on a whim because he was on clearance for $7.50 and now I like him so much I hope my GF feels compassionate for me and lets me go get some more. Seriously, these guys are cool. Normally they retail for $10, which isn’t anything to sneeze at… But the sheer size and customization of these guys makes them totally worth that. This could literally be dozens of characters for $10, something that few other toys offer.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 9
Sculpting – 8
Articulation – 10
Accessories – Armor, Mace
Value – 9
Overall – 9 out of 10

VERY close to a 10 out of 10 for this guy. The couple of pieces that aren’t made of the hard plastic and the couple of areas where the sculpt isn’t complete, knock it down just a notch. Still this is definitely something for kids who are into creating their own stuff, or want a change of pace. I think collectors could have a lot of fun with this as well, not only building the regular guys but creating their own world of monsters.

Dino-Riders, the New Batch!

These guys are even big and stable enough to be VEHICLES for smaller 3 3/4 lines. How’s that for compatibility?! Imagine an army of dinosaur bone monster vehicles at Cobra Commander’s disposal! You know you can see it. These guys are very cool and definitely worth a look if you’ve never even ventured down the Lego aisle.

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  • Bob says:

    Love it! I've been wanting to check these out but I can't find them anywhere!

  • Appreciate it Bob. Yeah I don't know if they're still being carried everywhere or not. I found these on clearance, so I hope they're not going away. The regular Skeleflex weren't on clearance, so maybe it's just a certain series being clearanced. Anyway I hope to review more in the future, glad you enjoyed.

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