So a while back it was announced that Sideshow which produces those awesome 12″ figures had acquired the license to do work with the TMNT. I knew right from the get-go that this probably wouldn’t mean high end 1:6 scale Ninja Turtle figures, but I did have a little hope. Unfortunately pictures have surfaced of their first product and it is, of course, a statue.

Let it be known it’s a very beautiful statue. Donatello seems like an interesting choice, but a few years ago when Mirage made their TMNT statues, it was Don that became the most rare. Of course these statues don’t at all fit in with those, but I suspect that’s part of Sideshow’s reasoning.

They’ve also made a purple mask variant, that’s a Sideshow website exclusive. Apparently the mask “swaps out” the normal red. Since 95% or perhaps 99% of TMNT fans prefer the color versions over all red, I think it’s a mistake to make the purple the chase, but whatever. The Sideshow version is already sold out, but since it’s all preorders its pretty relative. If the wait list is long enough, Sideshow will make more… Err I mean, they’ll have some people cancel orders and fill you into their spot. Or they’ll just make more, which is what I suspect they do when the wait list has hundreds of people agreeing to buy their product.

It’ll probably be 6 months or so before any of this stuff starts to hit anyway. But it’s $200! Which puts it out of my price range. It’s nice and all, but I just bought a whole fricking Muppet for half that price. Plus as a general rule, I think statues are stupid. I’ll just go buy some more NECA TMNT figures if I get a hankering for a Donatello. It sure is pretty though.

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