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Sideshow Toys Collectibles has revealed their 2012 San Diego Comic Con exclusives for GI Joe and Star Wars. On the Star Wars front, it’s two more guys from the Cantina band. I give Sideshow credit for continuing to find a way to crank these guys out, but it’s sort of not that interesting when it’s basically a figure that’s already been released.

Falcon is an interesting exclusive, as he’s hardly a top tier Joe, despite his prominence in the GI Joe movie. He’s a fun character though and Sideshow has made him so that he’s just non-essential enough that you don’t need him, but if you’re collecting the line, he’s a fine addition. He looks to mostly be made up of reuse from Rock N’ Roll and Stalker, though.

Likewise the face doesn’t do much to impress me. He looks like Channing Tatum. I would have made him look a bit like Don Johnson, myself. I guess that’s one of my issues with the Sideshow releases. Aside from the Cobra figures, they just don’t scream GI Joe to me. While this does more or less look like Falcon, it also just looks like a generic army guy. Granted, so does Falcon in the 3 3/4 form, but you get my point. At least they gave him a scarf.

It goes up for pre-order first week of July, if you’re collecting these guys. I’m not as I just don’t see anything here I couldn’t do myself, more or less. Sideshow is supposed to reveal their Destro figure sometime soon and that might interest me, but only time will tell.

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  • plannedbanter says:

    That's a surprising choice for a GI Joe exclusive as they've always done variants of things like Cobra Troopers in the past. Falcon's not the most beloved character in the Joe universe but he seems a little high profile for something like this. Still, this could be the first step in them trying to get people to pay attention to how they have the Joe license again, as it seems to have lost a little steam. Can't believe they haven't done Baroness or Destro yet.

    Good luck to anyone trying to complete the Modal Nodes; I can already seeing it being expensive and a pain.

  • Well Falcon is made up of reuse it looks like. Either 90% or completely. I'm hearing the head may even be from another figure (non-Joe) but I haven't gotten confirmation on that. So this was a cheap exclusive for them to do, while still sort of being in the same context as some sort of "repaint".

    Still not a terrible idea overall, I guess.

    I believe Baroness is coming soon, as is Destro, but I'm sort of baffled at their choices in general. I think they keep going for the easy route as opposed to what makes GI Joe cool… But whatever, some people like them I guess.

  • Zach Jelinek says:

    I found these on Craigslist but know nothing about them. How much could I sell them for? Wondering if I could turn profit. The picture looks like they are in pretty good shape. Here is the ad in its entirety:I have 34 small GI Joes all from the 1980’s. Cosmetically as far as paint they are in excellent condition. And I don’t see any missing hands or feet. There is one broken one but has all the parts. There are about 20 that can use some tightening at the waist to some degree. . Below is the list of the Action figures and pictures.

    1985 Xamot .
    1985 snake Eyes .
    1983 Torpedo.
    1986 Viper .
    1985 Alpine .
    1983 Gung Ho .
    1985 MLC
    1986 Leatherneck .
    1985 Ripper .
    1985 Tomax .
    1984 Scrap Iron .
    1984 Firefly.
    1985 Flint .
    1986 Iceberg .
    1984 Blow torch .
    1986 Bats with chest panel still on
    1986 Sci Fi .
    1984 Wild Weasel.
    1984 Copperhead .
    1982 Rock & Roll .
    1985 Buzzer .
    1986 Monkey Wrench .
    1984 Spirit .
    1982 Cobra Commander .
    1986 Vintage Low Light .
    1982 Cobra Officer .
    1985 Ship Wreck with parrot .
    1985 Dusty .
    1985 Snow Serpeant .
    1983 Snow Job .
    1984 Duke .
    1983 Destro – broken at waist
    1986 Dr. Mind Bender .
    1984 Storm Shadow .

    Location: Sarasota/Bradenton Border
    it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

    • Newton says:

      I’d have to see what the figures look like and what the price is on Craig’s list. My guess is, though, if they have their weapons and look to be in good shape, you could probably turn a profit on them. The market for old Joes has went down quite a bit in recent years, but nice looking vintage figures can still be sold for a few bucks a piece.

      Broken Joes at the waist can usually be fixed, depending on what kind of break it is, etc.

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