Shocker Toys is busying snagging up licenses and appears to have gotten yet another one. While I personally would like to see Shocker, you know, actually get some more toys to the market, I must admit that all these licenses they are grabbing must be a good sign. Shocker just signed with Funimation to produce Mallows (Their Mighty Muggs style figures) of Soul Eater, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Dragon Ball Z and One Piece.

While I generally am not that interested in Mallows or any of those properties, it’s a good deal for Shocker. These apparently aren’t part of any other of Shocker’s lines, mostly I’m guessing because these figures have other places where they are released. The Mallows is a good concept and if I may be so bold, that My Pet Monster Mallow is pretty cool.

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