Check out these exclusives that are on the way from Shocker Toys for SDCC. The San Diego Comic-con just keeps getting better and better with stuff like this. It’s America’s most famous detective, Dick Tracy!

You can get Dick Tracy in his patented yellow trenchoat and hat…

Or you can get him in his suit.

Remember these are the exclusives so they’re available only in Black & White in limited quantities.

Also check out that they have improved the Dick Tracy sculpt since last we saw him. Originally the Tommy gun was sculpted into both of his hands, but now it isn’t. Making these figures a real treat for fans.

Plus they’ll have Indie Spotlight Series 2’s King Zombie on hand. He just recently was optioned into being made into a major motion picture.

Check out Booth #3849 to pick these up and for more information about them. There are only 750 available, 250 of one, 500 of the other so you better get in while you can. They run about $35 at the show.

And if you’re curious about the quality of these Indie Spotlight toys check out my previous reviews of the Series 1 figures:

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