Last night was the North American debut of BBC’s Sherlock. Here in the US, it’s appearing on PBS in full uncut glory under their Masterpiece Mystery show. If you’re interested, make sure to check your listings under both. Apparently it’s only a three episode series thus far (not sure if the BBC will commission more) but it’s definitely something fans of Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes or just good TV in general should check out.

Each episode runs about 90 minutes, and the debut episode “A Study in Pink,” just aired last night but you may be able to catch repeats. The subsequent episodes will debut on PBS in the next two weekends. First “The Blind Banker” will run on Oct. 31 and “The Great Game” airs on Nov. 7. There definitely seems to be some influence from the Guy Ritchie/Robert Downey Jr. recent Sherlock Holmes film. If you liked that film, you’ll probably enjoy this as well. Of course the two are completely unrelated. This is vastly superior stuff, especially for those who felt that Holmes deviated too far into the absurd.

This Sherlock takes place in modern times and Holmes and Watson are contemporary men. Holmes uses technology to his whim and Watson is fresh from the Afghanistan war. The characters radiate a certain kinetic energy and the show has that fast paced “see how Holmes mind works” bit that was used in the most recent film adaptation. However, unlike in the Downey movie, it’s implemented better and it feels less gimmicky here. Text, GPS and just general Holmes thinking are weaved into the picture seamlessly creating fun “play along at home” environments.

It’s hard not to notice that there is definitely a Doctor Who vibe here. Brilliant, quirky and reluctantly using his companion’s own unique charms make the two very comparable. Granted, the good Doctor himself is in many ways outer space Sherlock Holmes, but the comparisons here are even more refined. Steven Moffat is one of the head writers on this run of Sherlock and his choices and influences are as clear as they are in the recent Who show.

The science of deduction is in full swing and it’s definitely a fun journey along with Watson and Holmes. I’m looking forward to the future episodes. If you have a PBS station in your area, look them up, check it out and help support good programming like this coming to our shores.

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  • - Beth, the GF says:

    GRR. I thought it was an actual new series, to learn that right now it's only 3 episodes — that sucks. I quite liked it and found him (Sherlock Holmes) to be quite quirky just like the Doctor.

  • Yeah, sorry about that , lol.

  • Mary says:

    The BBC's ordered a second series. Of three more episodes. Annoying, but still. Yay, more.

  • Charaze says:

    That Sherlock guy looks really hot!

  • - Beth, the GF says:

    That's good news, at least. We went a long time just catching Doctor Who specials until they started up the series again. I blame myself for this, since I made us watch like all the new Doctors in a relatively short period of time — I got addicted.

  • Fengschwing says:

    If only…

    I loved the first episode, I found it very close to the source material. I was ready to hate this series as such a lover of the books, a contemporary Holmes!? Good God man, no! But it rocked. The second episode was awful though and alas I missed the third.
    I thought the RDJ film was fine, a jolly good yarn and considering that Doyle was no stranger to 'science romance' with the Challenger stories, I think he would of approved.

  • Mary says:

    I think I'd finished series 1-4 of DW, with the new series specials within, like, 2, 3 months? Had all those suckers on netflix and just shot right through 'em.

  • - Beth, the GF says:

    Haha, same here! I think I drove Newt semi-crazy cause I was like super hooked. Especially if we had a two-parter or something and I needed to go to bed, I'd get angry cause I needed to know what was going on. Then once we were done and watching the ones on BBCA, which only aired occasionally, that drove me nuts. He said it was my fault for trying to watch them all in one week. Hehe. I'm already upset that the new season is over and I have to wait for the next. Blah!

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