For the fifteen people out there who haven’t seen these photos yet (I’m slow, even Poe beat me to posting these pics and he doesn’t even cover Joe) Hasbro has unveiled some prototypes of the SDCC exclusive Sgt. Slaughter figures. There are two types, one based on the original mail away version of Sarge and one version that’s based on his Triple T tank driver version. I believe most people owned the latter, so it’s a good deal that they made both.

The mail away version is supposed to be more “wrestler” based even though there was very little wrestling ever mentioned in the original Sgt. Slaughter storyline. I believe there were a couple of one liners in the comics when he debuted though. Sarge hit the trifecta when it came to GI Joe appearing in the toys, cartoon and comic books. This version comes with a GI Joe wrestling belt and a microphone. These accessories don’t interest me that much, but I give Hasbro big time kudos for making the Joe belt look like the old WWF Winged Eagle belt. Now I need to make a custom General Mustafa to manage him.

The Triple T tank version looks better in my mind, but that’s because I had a bunch of this guy when I was a kid. He comes with some guns and stuff, which is pretty cool because Sarge only ever came with a baton but I always thought he looked good with a big gun of some sort. The only version I think that ever had a gun was the 2005 Joe Con figure which sadly I do not own. Oddly enough this isn’t my favorite version of Sarge. That would be the Warthog driver version, which had the removable hat. Either way I’m super excited that Hasbro FINALLY got us some Sarges.

I do have one tiny problem with the figures overall. Sarge looks really good and a lot like the actual Sgt. Slaughter. The only real problem with this is that Sgt. Slaughter in the GI Joe comic, toon and toys was a super enhanced version of himself. Sarge had a barrel chest in the old toy, but he also had huge arms. In fact his arm piece was brand new with extra puffed up muscles and only he had them for a while. Eventually some other figures got those large arms, but they were reserved for only the rarest of rare.

This Sgt. Slaughter looks more like a real version of the man. Who, no doubt is still tough looking. Even though Sarge came up in the 80’s, he was a leftover from the 70’s and Slaughter never did steroids or had the “He-Man” body that most wrestlers in the 80’s did. Instead Sarge was an old school barrel chested brawler. This figure reflects that, but I would be remiss if I didn’t wish he was a little closer to the old figure. Oh well, I guess I have my Jakks 3 3/4 version with his HUGE arms to make up the difference. I’m going to get several of these Sgt. Slaughter SDCC exclusives.

There are some Joe fans who dislike Slaughter. If you don’t like Sgt. Slaughter, you are dead to me. Last year I showed off my Joe versus Cobra style Custom Sgt. Slaughter that I made. I never did make a 25th style one because I was hoping that Hasbro would eventually get it done and thankfully they did.

I really hope Hasbro makes them readily available because I have wanted a Sgt. Slaughter figure in the GI Joe line since it returned in the 25th Anniversary. As soon as this figure hits, my brother and I are off to have our war like two little kids again… AND THAT’S AN ORDER!

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  • Lt. Clutch says:

    Is that a Funskool version from India up there at the left? His skin tone is way too pinkish. Anyhow, the first time I encountered the Sarge was on one of those special flag points that you had to send in for the original "USA" version. I wasn't aware that he was a wrestler, I just thought he was a new character. He looked very cool as the Joes' trainer. I had given up toys for girls at the time (as you might have realized, I eventually came to my senses) so I never owned any of his figures. Only in the 2000's did I get the Warthog version off eBay, which I believe to be the best as well. A friend also gave me his vintage Joe collection and the mail-in Sarge was included in the lot. (No baton, but he did have his uncut file card.) I sold them long ago, so I'll be trying to get one each of these two new figures. I do miss his buffed up look a bit.

  • Yeah that's a foreign card Sgt. Slaughter. I think it's Funskool, but it might be somewhere else. There was a cool Sarge from another country that I never did get where he's like a cop. I liked the colors on this one though because it's a bit like his Slaughter's Marauder's version but not as bright.

  • clark says:

    Since they left him with a flat chest I wish they had covered it up a bit more. Had they brought the neck line of the tank top up a bit I think it would improve his looks, but I was also a little disappointed to see that he did not have the exaggerated cartoon look to him.
    I had the mail away figure as a kid, and I have to give my parents a lot of credit. I had several mail away exclusives, like the Sarge here, Clark Kent, and Steppenwolf just to name a few. As a child I never knew anything about mail away figures, or saved the packages, so I'm glad that I had parents to paid attention to stuff like that and would surprise me every once in a while with a new and unique toy I had no clue existed.

  • IHLoneWolfxx says:

    FINALLY! Since the 25th anniversary line died out I haven't been collecting many Joes of late (due mostly to financial restraints) but i'd have to get at least one of these Sarge's! They do look alot more like the man, as opposed to the Sgt. Slaughter of the GI Joe mythos. Glad to hear this though…. Oh and good luck on the war front!

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