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Sci-Fi Revoltech #033
5 Inch Scale
By: Kaiyodo
$50 (price varies)

What’s this? Yes it’s the 12th Day of Gamera… Better late than never. This is my final Gamera review for now and with this review, we at Infinite Hollywood can claim to have more Gamera toy reviews than any website on the net! Or at least English speaking websites. This Gamera is the Revoltech version of 1996’s Gamera 2: Advent of Legion.

This Gamera figure is similar in many ways to the original Revoltech Gamera and yet, quite a bit different too. Kaiyodo continues to find new ways to make these figures stand out. As much as I love the 1995 design of Gamera, I must admit that the 1996 design and by proxy this figure, are quite awesome too. The 1996 design is a perfect marriage between the original Heisei Gamera and the final Heisei Gamera.

Is this Gamera big and bad enough to take on Legion?!
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In 1968, Daei studios commissioned a Gamera Christmas film with acclaimed stopmotion animation studio, Bankin-Rass. Unfortunately Bankin-Rass went out of business before the film could ever be released and no footage from the film has ever been released… Until now!

Sci-Fi Revoltech #026
Gamera 1967
5 Inch Scale
By: Kaiyodo
$40 (price varies)

Today marks the first day of Hanukkah, also known as the Festival of Lights and it’s also the 8th day in the 12 Days of Gamera! For the rest of the days of Gamera, the famous green turtle will be lighting the letters in his name. It’s gonna be four more crazy nights of Gamera! The Festival of fire, if you will!

I’d be lying if I wasn’t shocked when Kaiyodo first announced these 1967 versions of their famous Gamera monsters. I wasn’t sure if the Gamera would be as cool as the Modern Gamera version. But sometimes I’m an idiot!

This Gamera figure kicks all kinds of ass. In fact it’s even BETTER than the other Revoltech Gamera. As much as I raved about that figure, to be even better is a tall order of business. Somehow Revoltech delivers again and this is one figure that any classic Gamera fan should rush to have as part of their collection! This guy can do everything!
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So here’s some fun Gamera facts that you may or may not know. Just in time for the holidays! So learn some more about your favorite turtle for the 12 Days of Gamera!

A lot of people know Gamera from his days on on Mystery Science Threatre 3000. What some folks may not know, is that Gamera debuted on the original Mystery Science Theatre 3000 back when it wasn’t on cable, but local TV in Minneapolis. What’s interesting is that these were “holiday” episodes, airing during the month of December.

Gamera versus Barugon, Gamera the Invincible and Gamera versus Gyaos all aired during December and the guys were in a particular festive spirit. In fact Crow was transformed into a Christmas tree and did not participate in two of the shows.
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Last week I wrote this song and then Jaysun, rocking lead guitarist of Clynch (go see one of their shows) and Planned Banter podcaster extraordinaire put together this rockin’ rendition of the song. I then created a video for the song and now we present to you this awesome piece of history.

If this doesn’t put you into the spirit of Christmas and of course, the 12 Days of Gamera, then you need to check your pulse! So enjoy this head banging, face smashin’, turtle tree rock!

And be sure to join us tomorrow for even more GAMERA!
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