So with San Diego Comic Con rapidly approaching, I thought I’d do a little countdown of the stuff I’m most looking forward to. Since I’m not actually attending the con, I could care less about a lot of the activities that are happening there, though I do wish I could see a few of them. Instead my focus is on the table scraps known as exclusives that I’ll be able to purchase.

#1 – Underground Toys First Doctor & Second Doctor

These exclusive sets collected the first and second Doctor Who characters for the first time ever. Character Options, the company that makes the 5 inch Doctor Who line will be bringing these bad boys along with an exclusive Dalek and Cyberman to battle them to the big show. This was actually the first SDCC item I preordered way back in February. Also along for the ride is a exclusive version of Colin Baker’s 6th Doctor. My plan is to get all three.

#2 – Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics He-Ro

Next up is Mattel’s He-Ro figure. Unlike the other characters on this list, I actually could care less about He-Ro. He’s basically a cross eyed gay barbarian magician. So why is he so high on my list? Because he’s part of the MOTUC line that I absolutely love. Regardless of the character I’ve been buying these guys up like plastic crack. Maybe I’ll figure out some cool back story for him in my own head to make me enjoy him even more, but we’ll see.

#3 – Hasbro GI Joe Rise of Cobra Destros

I fully believe that the upcoming GI Joe movie is going to blow chunks. The one saving grace is Christopher Eccleston as Destro. Hasbro is selling a two pack of the Destro clan and while I could care less about ancient Destro, I definitely want unmasked Destro. I’m not sure if Hasbro plans on releasing a regular unmasked Destro in the line or not (Though it’d be a shame with such a good head sculpt of Eccleston) and I want to get in while the getting is good.

#4 – Mattel 3 3/4 Buzz Lightyear

Although my Buzz Lightyear kick has somewhat waned, I’m definitely still looking forward to this guy. If he holds up as good as Mattel claims, it’ll be a perfect size for our little adventurer. With a couple of Buzzes already in my collection this guy would just be icing on the Toy Story cake.

#5 – Mattel Ghostbusters Slimed Egon & Slimer

Normally I’d be looking forward to this one a bit more, but the slimed outfit basically just ensures that I’ll be buying a proper Egon down the road. I’m mostly just excited for this one to get my hands on a Ghostbusters figure. I’m sure I am not alone in that. I want to see what these bad boys are all about and this guy is the first one. The other nice bit if this comes with a translucent Slimer. I’ve been wanting a good Slimer figure at this scale for years, so that’s a big plus.

So there you have it, the top 5 things I’m looking forward to at this year’s SDCC. With any luck I’ll be able to score and afford all these things when they hit the market. Other items I’m looking forward to include the Hellboy Golden Army solider and the JLU Hal Jordan 3 Pack. However those will take a backseat to these other items first. What are you looking forward to this year?

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  • Wes says:

    Man, we think alike on a couple of issues! I too mainly want those Doctor Who sets and keep watching the WhoNA boards to find out how I can go about getting them. (Where the bloody heck did you preorder them?!?)

    Eccleston’s also the main draw for me with respect to the GI Joe movie — I’m not sure I’ll be there opening day and may decide not to see it at all, but if I do go he’ll be the main reason for it. I can wait for an unmasked Destro to show up in stores, though, and I won’t cry if I don’t get one. It’s not like I don’t have two Doctor Who Ecclestons already…

    He-Ro doesn’t seem all that interesting to me, but then again neither did the Wonder Twins until their box started talking. If He-Ro’s box talks… well then.

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