Jem is back 2012

Hasbro has been teasing the return of Jem for a couple of years now. Jem has popped up in various convention stuff with Hasbro, but little to no details were revealed. Like Micronauts, it’s one of those things that we hear Hasbro is working on but never see, at least until now. Jem and the Holograms is generally something I could care less about, but I did watch Jem from time to time back in the 80’s. See kids, back then all the cartoons came on in one big block and Jem would run smack dab in the middle of shows like GI Joe and Ninja Turtles.

Anyway, Hasbro has finally announced the return of Jem and the Holograms, signing a deal with Integrity Toys to produce a new Jem doll. Think of it kind of like how Hasbro opted to have Sideshow make new 12 inch GI Joes. The only problem? Jem’s new price tag is, you guessed it, truly outrageous. This doll will cost you $125!

Jem SDCC Exclusive

Although the doll is supposed to be high end, it honestly doesn’t look much better to me than many of the Barbies on the market today. And if my recent Elvis review tells us anything, I clearly know the Barbie market. Speaking of Barbie, Jem and the Holograms was Hasbro’s attempt to take some of the Barbie market back in the 80’s. They were mildly successful, but alas it was short lived. Jem developed a big following though, thanks to the cartoon and the few years that the toy line did survive.

Jem SDCC Exclusive 2012

Which I guess is what brings us to now. An expensive new Jem. It seems that all of Intergrity’s dolls retail for around that sort of price (although they do have some RuPaul dolls on clearance!) so I guess that’s par for the course. I don’t follow the doll world enough to know for sure, but it still looks like a ripoff to me.

The line will debut at SDCC where you can buy the Jem doll and you can find more info at the new offical Jem website.

6 Responses to SDCC Jem Doll Price is Truly Outrageous

  • smurfwreck says:

    Yeah, the price tag is ridiculous and honestly the doll looks so freaking bland. If you were going to relaunch the Jem line with expensive figures obviously aimed at the original audience, why not put her in a more familiar all-pink get-up like in the old school box art you posted above?

  • Mario says:

    & where the hell are the light-up earrings??? Rip-off galore, but you just know the thing will fly off the proverbial shelves.

  • Yeah Jem fans are apparently eating this up.

  • No clue. I assume they know something I don't.

  • Tarman13 says:

    This is really stupid on Hasbro part— you get a Doll from a 20 year old cartoon and they made this crap— SMURFWRECK is absolutely right— where are the blinking Earrings, the Pink Dress, the stockings and the Jerrica Blue & White Dress and Hat disguise— and then the BIG surprise!!! BOOM!! the $125.00 price tag— leave it up to HASBLO to ruin yet another Comic Con Exclusive— This doll here makes me nausous

    I still have my Original Dolls with all accessories in my glass Cabnet— I love all the dolls but when HASBRO change Jem's Face to look like Cheryl Tei i refuse to get it— because her head was too big—anyway That's my 2 cents.

  • Yeah you seem to share the sentiment of a lot of folks, although there are those who are excited. I suppose not having anything in terms of new stuff for a long time will do that to a fan base.

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