Playmates and Nickelodeon have announced an exclusive figure for this year’s San Diego Comic Con and it’s somewhat of a surprise. Dubbed the “original” Raphael, this release features Raph in an exclusive black and white deco. What makes this particularly interesting is the fact that it’s an all new sculpt, that appears to be based on the classic Mirage comics. In fact, it bares more than a passing resemblance to the Mirage NECA Turtles that were released a few years back.

It also appears to use at least some parts of the never released Playmates Mirage TMNT (which looked like fine figures, but their style was quite different from the NECA figures and was more of a “modern” Mirage interpretation) but it is not a complete release of that figure. Instead this figure has a new plastron and other parts. Still it appears at least a little of that unreleased figure is in this. Of course, this begs the question on whether Playmates will release these style turtles at retail.

Playmates Original Raphael
It also makes me wonder if this figure will actually have articulation. It clearly has joints, but last year’s Night Shadow Leonardo also appeared to be articulated, yet wasn’t. The awkward posing in some of these early photos make it seem as though some joints are frozen. Hopefully we’ll get a definitive answer and price soon.

While it might seem strange for Playmates to release Ninja Turtles in a different style than the Nickelodeon show, it’s worth noting that Nick has been pushing a lot of retro TMNT products. KidRobot is doing a “original toon” line, while the Loyal Subjects are producing a vinyl Mirage TMNT line. Hopefully we’ll see a full color Mirage based line from Playmates, to help heal those old wounds of NECA leaving us without a wave 2 of their line.

6 Responses to SDCC Exclusive “Original” Mirage Raphael

  • clark says:

    I’m all over this thing if it actually has articulation. Also, go ahead and bring on all 4 turtles at retail because I’ll buy them.
    Even though I have a couple sets of Neca turtles I want a mirage set that I don’t have to handle with kid gloves worried that if I break something I’ll never be able to afford to replace it.

    • clark says:

      This figure does have knees, but no wrists. He’s so close to being a great figure, but those wrist swivels are pretty imperative if you want to have cool poses with weapons.

  • John Gaither says:

    Oh cool a actual exclusive that is not a repaint of a action figure in stores…Love it.

  • Mark says:

    I liked those unreleased Playmates Mirage figures. I think these will be pretty cool. I hope they show more Classics soon like Shredder etc.

  • Ronnie says:

    Con has come and it’s been announced- These guys are coming to retail in two ways. First as TRU exclusives with the microseries issue for each turtle, and later as single-carded releases. No variation between the two have been mentioned or shown on the slides.

    • Newton says:

      Yeah I am quite excited about the comic packs. The only thing I don’t like thus far, is the strange grit lines on the figures.

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