SDCC 2011 is just underway, but we’ve already got lots of news to share. I’ve cobbled together some pictures and wanted to share the big news and photos with you. Credit to photos to their appropriate sources.

First up we have a new Doctor Who classic companion, Leela. She makes for one of the more interesting companions and a good action figure choice. We’re also getting new packaging for the Doctor Who Classics line, which is very nice. Leela comes with a bunch of weapons and she should be available very soon.

Speaking of Leela, we’re also getting her in the Mego-like retro form along with Sukteh. Who looks awesome, BTW.

The people behind the retro Mego-like figures, BifBangPow have finally decided to do something useful with the Venture Brothers license and yes… 3 3/4 is coming! This line has all the potential in the world. Hopefully BBP can crank out a ton of really great figures and it becomes a huge success for them. They have done actual action figures before (not just Mego-like) and they were “decent”. Hopefully they invest everything into Venture Brothers.

Ringside has pictures of WWE’s new stuff from Mattel. You can find out everything over there, but the only two items of interest as of yet is Macho King Randy Savage. It’s an easy repaint figure, but a nice addition. It’s actually technically the second Macho King from Mattel, as the Defining Moments Randy Savage was actually during the Macho King era.

The real treat is that it appears Mattel will be doing a Defining Moments, Gobbledy Gooker. UPDATE… Apparently it’s just a display piece/test to see how collectors feel about it BOO! This is awesome in all kinds of ways. If you don’t know who the Gooker is… Well, it was the worst idea in WWE history (which is saying a lot!) but in a nutshell, WWF hyped a giant egg would hatch as Survivor Series for months and months. Lots of hype… People thought it would be a exciting new wrestler. Instead it was, this…

Gooker never appeared again. For the record, that’s legendary Mexican wrestler Hector Guerrero. Hey, getting an action figure of this is excellent. It’s perverse, but it’s excellent.

Finally, Mattel has announced all the details to the Voltron subscription plan, with Sven being the “bonus” figure for signing up. It’s going to be around $300 for the whole plan, but I think I’m going to sign up. Anything catching your interest in SDCC 2011 thus far?

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  • Zach S. says:

    Dude! I want a Gobbledy Gooker!

    By the way, did you catch the WWE Legends reveals today? Some AWESOME stuff coming our way! As much as we rag on Mattel for how they handle the other lines, them getting the WWE license is the best thing to ever happen to WWE toy fans!

  • oansun says:

    Ok, Here's my idea: This will be much like the MOTUC He-Man tease a few years ago. Mattel's new WRESTLECRAP LINE! Mattycollector exclusive! Year One?:

    1. Heretofore mentioned Gooker as the initial offereing.
    2. Bastion Booger
    3. Sid Vicious: "Half the Brain You Do" Version
    4. Max Moon
    5. Portuguese Man ' O' War
    6. Men on a Mission 3-Pack
    7. Mark Henry and his Child Hand
    8. Katie Vick
    9. Kevin Sullivan Searching for the Master 2 Pack: With the Master!
    10. The Zombie!
    11. Eric Bischoff in Vampire Outfit!
    12. Of course…SHOCKMASTER!

    Year 2 will have TONS more with the expected success of this line. Get on this Mattel. FANS DEMAND IT!

  • Bill White says:

    Hooray for the Leela figure! The best part is, she is packed by herself, so we don't have to buy some pricey 2-Pack with another Doctor variant. I don't care about packaging, usually, but I quite like the looks of this.

    Super-excited about the Venture Bros. figures! If these are even halfway decent, I will buy every one.

    Thanks for covering this stuff Newton. On other sites, this news gets shoved aside by all the "BIG" name stuff.

    I do have to ask: What do you think of the GB's Vigo. I have been waiting for this forever, and now that he's here… I am underwhelmed.

  • BANE says:

    And Actually Gooker DID appear again. WM 17 or 18 in the gimmick battle royal.

  • Lest we forget the Yeti!

    The sad part is that I would buy all of that stuff in a heartbeat. Especially the bad WCW stuff. I loved the Dungeon of Doom.

  • True. I think he may have shown up in a Raw or two in the last few years as well, but those have all been as gags or whatever. I meant for all real intents and purposes, Survivor Series was his one and only appearance. I remember rumors that he may have done a house show or something, but the whole thing was such a debacle of epic proportions.

  • I thought most the reveals were pretty good. Modern day WWE doesn't interest me much, but they had some neat figures as well. WWE's Mattel line is really pretty good, beyond pricing and QC. I don't mind that the legends are now Matty only… Because at least now there is a ton of stuff on Matty all the time that I'll likely want.

    I just hope people vote NWA stuff like Magnum TA and Blanchard in and not Doink. But I liked the whole legends list.

  • I liked Vigo but I was underwhelmed as well. Why? I guess because I still only have 2 Busters and just can't bring myself to get the others. Maybe if they're still on Matty when I have some spare cash. The whole missing a figure and having to wait 6 months for a re-release if ever just sort of makes me lose my enthusiasm.

    GB was a neat line at first, but it doesn't have the appeal of say Doctor Who, where each time a new auxiliary character comes out it's a big deal. With GB it's just sort of like "Oh cool, Vigo, I almost forgot they even had a GB line."

    Venture Brothers hopefully will kick all kinds of ass.

  • wesitron says:

    I'll totally pick up some 3.75 Venture Bros. figures, and I'll pick up a lot more if they're under 10 bucks. Articulation looks only so-so, but they look great!

  • oansun says:

    Throw him in with the Master for a 3 pack! And I would LOVE to have those too, the sadness is too great. The Dungeon of Doom searching for King Iaukea…. I mean The MAster… was absolutely the worst in pre-taped segments. I love it.

  • oansun says:

    and How could I forget BRAUN?!? I love youtube, I was actually trying to find a promo from Maxx and saw this promo I tried (diligently) to remove from my brain.

  • Mecha-Shiva says:

    I'd want a Fabulous Moolah figure…

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