Remember when I said I was worried (in a good way) that another flood of Doctor Who product was on the way? Well thanks to Ebay we’ve got a couple of big reveals. First, the SDCC exclusive set of a new 5th Doctor Peter Davison with hat and celery. Oh and he’s packed with an Ainley version of the Master. AWESOME!

Pictures have also surfaced of a regeneration 5th Doctor. That’s a version of Peter in Tom Baker’s Season 18 outfit Of course the Season 18 outfit is the only real Baker that hasn’t been released. Well not counting one offs. Anyway, this is important not so much because of the Fifth Doc, but because this means that this version of Tom has to be coming!

I guess I should mention, we’ve seen this as well, which is a NEW WHO item, 11th Doctor without his coat and one of the new orange Daleks. I like this, but I’m a bit torn. So much classic stuff coming out that I know some of this new stuff will have to take a backseat. For what it’s worth though, this is a SDCC item.

No packaged pics of the 5th Doctor yet, so we don’t know if this is a SDCC exclusive or not. That would make sense though, given that we got an alternate 6th Doctor at the SDCC last year. We’ll just have to wait and see. With all the new Who and Classic Who figures coming at me this year, I might be selling my body on the streets to get everything.

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  • Lt. Clutch says:

    OUCH! I might have to trade in my organ donor card. But dude… An Anthony Ainley Master figure!!! Two more Peter Davison figures! The Hat! More Celery! The Burgundy Suit! Season 18 Tom is on the way!!! ARGH!!! I am praying to the Toy Gods that BBTS and other retailers will be carrying these exclusives. My wallet is trembling in fear of the onslaught to come!!!

  • Yeah it's a great time and yet it's also a painful time on the ol' pocketbook. I've had a feeling a Master figure would be coming, but I'm pleased as punch that it's finally here. Of course I suspect we'll get another Master in his regular outfit down the line… Followed no doubt by a Delgado Master.

    But I'll jump for joy about those, then. For now I'm jumping for joy over these! Huzzah!

  • BAPoet says:

    I can hold out for a Master in his weird little one-sy uniform.

    Aside from the s18 burgandy outfit, we still need something from s16/s17 (double-length scarf, boots, no vest, lighter brown coat) in order to cover all of Tom Baker's major looks. That was my favorite era as a little brat. I'm thinking 'Stones of Blood' would be good, as that was also the 100th storyline. Maybe it could be a 2-pack with Prof. Rumford w/ it's-not-that-cold-in-here sculpting. :shudder:

  • John Michals says:

    Y'know BAPoet, if they want to complete the T. Baker variants, they could do a S16/S17 (double-length scarf, boots, no vest, lighter brown coat), 2-Pack with a Jagerroth/Scaroth,(?) figure. That would meqn they don't need an actors approval on the sculpt as it's a monster head.

  • Lt. Clutch says:

    I think Delgado wore a suit and tie for his debut in Terror of the Autons, so he is an easy redo. But I want both classic Masters in their black costumes, of course! Glad I checked back for the Eleventh/Dalek pack. That Dalek looks more cookie jar-ish than your typical salt shaker. I am guessing that we will see all the remaining regenerations by next year or so (Pat in Bill's wet clothes, Jon in Pat's suit, Tom in Jon's fancy attire, Sylvester in Colin's crazy outfit, and so forth. I'll bet you that we also get a Doctor/TARDIS combo for every single Doctor now that Hartnell is getting one.

  • I suspect both will end up with their Nehru suit versions eventually. The new Daleks are huge. I must confess, not really loving the design even if I like the bright colors.

    I think you're likely right about the Regenerations and the Tardises… Tardi?

  • kngfu says:

    We need Tom in his TALONS OF WENG CHIANG outfit.

  • Derek Peplau says:

    So you're sure that The Master will be available as a one off in both Ainley & Delgado variants at some point? I'd rather not sell the farm to get this one if version w/ the more traditional black costume will be available (and at non-stratospheric prices). I've found info on the availability of these figures very hard to come by. Any suggestions for a place to track it all? is the best I've found so far, but they don't even have an SDCC update for this year yet. Furthermore, these figures are not listed on the SDCC site for some reason.

  • I'm not "sure" of anything. Only that it certainly seems to be the trend to see these figures re-released at some point.

    These figures still haven't "officially" been announced for SDCC. I'm not sure why. Someone who bought the early figures have confirmed that these do have the 2010 SDCC logo and stuff, so I assume it's only a matter of time.

  • gunzlingr says:

    I don't know how I will will talk my wife into letting me get the Davison/Ainley set and the 11 Doctors set.

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