Our official coverage of San Diego Comic Con 2010 starts today and good friend of Infinite Hollywood, Philip J. Reed, came through for us with these shared exclusive photos and news in a BattleGrip.com/InfiniteHollywood.com coverage wrap-up! Philip is there in the flesh and sent along these photos for you all to enjoy, checking out the Hasbro Transformers booth.

Pretty big news is Sideshow will be doing some maquettes and statues and stuff of the Transformers dudes. I haven’t followed Transformers closely, so I don’t know if this is old news, but Optimus looks pretty cool.

Although it’s the movie version which may irritate some folks. Looks pretty sharp though and I applaud Hasbro for working with Sideshow, much like they do with their GI Joe brands, to offer up some high end collectibles for fans who want them.

Would definitely be cool to have a huge Optimus in your garden, next to like a bird feeder or something. OH! Idea for Transformers 3! BIRD FEEDER BOT! That one’s for free, Michael Bay! But I want royalties on toy sales of it!

Here’s a look at the exclusive for this year too. I suspect he’ll be up on Hasbro’s web shop shortly after the con. I’ll be trying my damndest to get both Slaughters on that day, but if you want Soundwave’s counterpart, Blaster, then you can try and order him. Looks like a nice presentation.

Decepticon Piranacon ! Exclusive to Big Bad Toy Store, I believe. I had some of those guys when I was a kid. They were cool. Love to see these upgrades and reissues.

Check this dude out. He looks like he’s ready to stick that pick axe through someone’s head!

I must confess, I’m digging these Transformers Generations figures. Soundwave looks swank and is a nice update to the original design, while definitely being new and exciting as well. $13 doesn’t sound bad either. How’s the articulation on these guys?

I might even pick up a few of these. Transformers has been calling to me, recently. I’m not going to go hog wild, but maybe a few. Thanks once again to Philip from BattleGrip.com for the photos. Be sure to check out his website through the weekend as he updates when he can (he’s working too ya know!) and check back in here at Infinite Hollywood as we post up the stuff he can’t blog about. Between the two of us, you’ll get enough SDCC to make your head explode!

3 Responses to SDCC 2010 Transformers Coverage

  • Henry says:

    Since Generations is the continuation of the classics/universe line, the articulation is good, unhindered by any gimmicks.

    It is a shame that nothing new was revealed here though, but that is kind of expected just a couple of weeks after Botcon.

  • That's definitely awesome to hear. I haven't bought a TF figure in decades, but I am definitely getting close, lol.

  • hidleeyanaha says:

    I don't get why Hasbro can't bring Predaking here. Takara is doing another expensive, limited run with Gold parts this Fall at the affordable price of only 200. Given what the 2004-5 reissue is going for double that on EBay it doesn't look like a bad deal. But if Hasbro got on the ball and reissued Predaking with all the safety regulations to swap plastic parts and stuff, then you could get him for nearly half the price. Like the Piranacon gift set out this month.

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