Now that SDCC 2010 is pretty much in the can, let’s take a look at things I liked, didn’t like and am interested in. There was a lot of news, as usual, this year, but nothing that honestly knocked my socks off. Photos borrowed from MWCToys and TNI.

Hasbro had more great GI Joe stuff on display. Nothing much that we hadn’t already seen at JoeCon though. What we really learned is that if the Pursuit of Cobra line takes off, like it should, it’ll be the definitive toyline for kids and collectors alike. Every figure in the line looks fantastic. The new Renegades cartoon sounds decent. Hasbro also had a ton of cool new Iron Man 2 toys as well as Marvel Universe figures.

My only concern with the Iron Man toys is that I haven’t seen most of Wave 2 (or whatever the later waves were) and I’m concerned that I may never see them. Hopefully Marvel Universe gets a stronger roll out as well, as I haven’t seen as many new figures as I was earlier this year. The new Marvel Legends 2 packs look nice.

SDCC is where Mattel usually shines, but I think they had about as many hits as they had misses this year. Across all their core collector lines, they did debut some great new figures. I still question a few choices though. I don’t think I could try to come up with a worse “bonus club figure” than Pre-Eternian He-Man. That figure was supposed to help sell me on the MOTUC subscription for this year and actually made me decide AGAINST it.

Some of the other MOTUC figures were pretty much failures in my opinion too. King Hiss has had no upgrade from his vintage figure. Bow looks exactly like New Adventures He-Man, almost ensuring that he’s on the way. We did finally get to see the 2 pack of guards and Mattel has provided a variety of heads, which is quite nice. I know everyone else is hard up for Vikor, but he wasn’t enough to make me go “wow” this year. The Shadowbeast is a nice effort, but it just looks like Grodd/Gygor with a horn. I do love the new TRU 2 packs though.

Even though I’m pretty much done with DCUC, they did entice me more than any other Mattel offering this year. Mostly because of the classic Riddler and Robin figures. Both of those will be pickups. I’m not sure I like the idea of Mattel releasing another Action League style of figures, though. Why not just expand the regular Action League?

Ghostbusters has a few decent figures, but has any line ever spun it’s wheels so much? They only announced ONE new character and that’s Louis Tully. The RGB Megos look decent, but a RGB line might would have excited me. The Ghostbusters II Toys R Us exclusive pack, pretty much negates the need for any of the single card releases. It also pretty much confirms that this line isn’t in retail solely because Mattel chooses it not to be. That’s frustrating.

All in all, I was more excited with Mattel’s news that they had Macho Man Randy Savage under contract for figures, than anything else. Of course I cringe every time I see the WWE figure price tags. $20 for a Macho Man? I dunno…

That meant it was up to the smaller companies to really nail the elusive blow me away moment, but that didn’t really come to fruition. BifBangPow did an admirable job with a ton of Twilight Zone Mego style figures, but I can’t get behind them in the black and white deco. The Venture Brothers look alright, but I’m still not sold. Mezco unfortunately only really had Mez-Itz and while I like them, I don’t know if I will buy a ton. NECA is dead to me until they offer up the Ninja Turtles figures. Twilight and Bob Marley? No thanks.

Character Options and Underground Toys did offer up one cool surprise, in the 3rd Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver. This pretty much ensures we’ll get several past Doctor’s screwdrivers. It’s a neat bonus, but not really something I want or need. All in all, it was a pretty under whelming SDCC this year. No major surprises, no great figures that far exceeded my expectations.

SDCC is coming to a close and I’m still more excited about the things that came out during or before the Con. I need the Sgt. Slaughter Hasbro figures, I’m loving my 11 Doctors set and I want the other Doctor Who exclusives. That’s pretty much it. I’m not even excited about Orko, I just need him. It was a bit of a ho-hum year for me. It’s not that hated this year’s con news or anything, but I wasn’t as impressed as year’s past. How was your take on SDCC 2010?

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