I had planned not to really cover SDCC 2010 until Friday, when Ultraman Week was coming to a close, but I guess I wasn’t really accounting for all the preview stuff. Blah. Anyway, lots of stuff is already appearing, like the list of MOTUC figures for next year…

But the big news for me thus far is Diamond Select Toys freakin’ awesome Battle Beasts. When they first announced Battle Beasts last year, I wasn’t as interested. I liked the idea, but I’m not a big fan of Mini-Mates. These new larger figures though? INCREDIBLE!

If all the figures shake out to be as good as these, they’re going to jump to the top of my list. I just love the designs and the details are out of this world. The paint work? Wow, it’s really incredible. Maybe it’s the Octopus guy, but I’m immediately reminded of the Four Horsemen’s Outer Space Men… Except, I like these much better.

This is almost what I wanted out of the OSM, and if it comes down to choosing between the two, Battle Beasts will get my money. These things just look incredible. I had a huge collection of Battle Beasts as a kid. I just sold them off on Ebay a few years ago and made a nice sum of money off of them… Which to me, means, there is a good market for these guys.

Especially if they look this good. All photos courtesy of our good friends at TNI.

Apparently these guys will run about $14.99.

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