Although Mickey’s Christmas Carol is one of my favorite Christmas Holiday specials, my absolute favorite goes to Rudolph by Rankin-Bass. My favorite character in that special is the Abominable Snowman, known as the Bumble. My GF bought me this Rudolph Hot Cocoa set because it had the Bumble on it, so I thought I’d give a brief summary of the set.

The packaging is actually quite nice, with pictures of Rudolph and his main squeeze Clarice on the side. Inside each package has a character, like Santa or Sam the Snowman. It’s a fun design.

The two mugs are identical, featuring Rudolph on one side and the Bumble on the other. They’re basic coffee mugs, but don’t feel cheap by any means.

Inside the box with Sam on it, there’s a couple candy canes. They’re individually wrapped.

The Hot Cocoa bags have Santa on them and look really cool, at least until you open them up.

Inside are just a couple of cheap Hot Cocoa mixes. I was hoping this set had more than 2 servings, but no such luck. Make sure to buy extra cocoa!

Then it’s time to make the cocoa. I use a dash of milk, but it just requires hot water.

Once it’s ready, dangle a candy cane on the side. It’ll melt into the cocoa slowly and give it extra flavor.

Make one for a friend or loved one and then pop in the Rankin-Bass classic. It’s sure to warm you up as you enjoy the Bumble and Rudolph on the TV screen. Have a Holly-Jolly Christmas, this year!

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  • - Beth, the GF says:

    These were clearly popular at Toys R Us. When I first went there (I think it was morning?), there were at least 10 sets of these on the shelves (which, incidentally, I totally felt like you, I stood there for 15 minutes looking for the best set/paint/etc), and when we went back later that same day – how many? Zero. I waited in a super long line for this. Everyone felt bad because I had only one item, but no one would let me go ahead of them 🙁

  • Those bastards! I'm glad you got it though!

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