Despite the fact that Playmates refuses to release any new TMNT product and NECA never has gotten around to Wave 2 of their TMNT figures, there is hope for TMNT collectors out there. First up is a awesome mask of Rocksteady made by an amateur horror mask creator.

This would easily be the coolest Halloween costume ever. All you would need is a army jacket, a fake machine gun and some gray gloves and you could be Rocksteady.

This mask is custom made, but for sale and he’s making plenty of them. It will only run you $200, which isn’t too bad for a mask of that quality. He’s also planning a Bebop mask. You don’t know how bad I want to buy this. Order it Here

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Hot Topic continues to pump out TMNT merchandise. Their latest? A Ninja Turtle… Snuggie. Check out that ridiculousness:

TMNT Snuggie

It’s an interesting time to be a Turtle fan.

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