At C2E2 the Captain Action crew mentioned that they had worked out a deal to do a new costume set that wasn’t Marvel and would be a big score for them. Unfortunately they didn’t have it ready to preview at the event like they hoped they would. A few weeks have went by and we haven’t heard much about it, but just today news has slipped through the cracks.

Round 2 and Captain Action Enterprises haven’t officially announced it yet, but AmokeTime and other retailers have started to take preoders. It looks like Round 2 will be doing a Captain Action as the Rocketeer! This is a pretty big deal as the Rocketeer license has been notoriously difficult to wrangle. Many us of lament the failed ToyBiz bid to get the license during the Legendry Comic Book Heroes days.

But Round 2 have come through against the odds, it would seem. The preview mock-up shows the movie rocket pack. I hope that’s what we get as well, since the comic rocket has never looked as good in my mind. This appears to be licensed through IDW as well. Lots of neat stuff going on for Captain Action.

This is not the first Rocketeer figure to come down the pipeline, but it’s probably the most economical in recent years. I look forward to seeing what Round 2 and Captain Action can do with this one. I really hope they do solid plastic helmet!

As a big Rocketeer fan, I am greatly excited by this and it exceeds my thoughts on what this license would be. Someday I’ll get around to reviewing my other Rocketeer figures. I have a small stockpile of them. I’d love to add the Round 2 Captain Action version to the collection. There aren’t many details at the moment, but if we get more, we’ll pass them along.

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  • Bill White says:

    Even though the ORIGINAL Captain Action was one of my most cherished childhood toys, I have resisted getting this new version. This news has changed all that. Now, I MUST have one.

    Newton, I'd LOVE to see reviews of other Rocketeer figures you have, Other than the bendy and the wicked expensive premium figure, I didn't know there were that many.

    One note of interest to Rocketeer fans: I recently saw an episode of "The King of Queens" which had a fantasy segment set in the future. The lead character was shown strapping on his "jet pack" to get to work. What was the jet pack? That's right! The Rocketeer prop from the movie.

  • Well there aren't a ton. I've been picking up Rocketeer odds and ends for a while, but haven't gotten around to reviewing a lot of them. Speaking of reviews, I'm hoping to get my hands on a Captain Action to review as well.

    I've been into the good Captain for a while, ever since the Cast-a-Way 8 inch figures came out and I just love some of the old comics. This figure set really excites me as well. A great marriage of concepts.

  • Larry Csarko says:

    Oh man, great! I love Rocketeer and I just have been dying for a reason to pick up Captain Action. Thanks for clueing me in Newt! This is the first place I heard about Captain Action when you posted up those cool C2E2 photos. I'm going to need the Thor and Loki set too!

  • oh shhhhhhhh….

  • GulfR says:

    Maybe it was hard but now that Disney owns the Rocketeer as well as Marvel it makes sense they were able to license this. I hope Condorman is next!

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