Check out our robot of the day! We’re continuing on with March of the Robots, but I just had to spotlight this little sucker. As if Ashley Wood’s Brambles weren’t cool enough, someone made a custom Soup Bot. You have to love the people that have this kind of skill and talent. I love all the World War Robots, but if this was an official release (which as far as I know it’s not) I would be all over this thing. Kudos to all involved. Credit to ComicsAlliance, where I first saw the pic.

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  • beth, the gf says:

    I had no idea "Goulash" use to be a variety of Campbell's Soup. Interesting.

  • Well I'm not sure it was. Maybe the guy just picked that. It's based on the Campbell's soup design, but it actually says "Clamshells" as opposed to Campbells. So he may have just made that up.

  • IHLoneWolfxx says:

    Goulash, I love it. Reminds me of The Robots from the Black Hole for some reason. Cool as hell looking robot though.

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