Big congrats to Robot Comics and their comic Robot 13 (reviewed here) for reaching a milestone 100,000 downloads on Mobiles. I mentioned back in April how I felt that mobile comics could be the wave of the future. Reaching 100,000 in sales for a little comic like Robot 13 is pretty unheard of in the print world these days.

Check out the press release:

In a world where mainstream comic book titles routinely top the digital download charts, one challenger has risen like David against Goliath to stake its claim: Robot 13 by Thomas Hall and Daniel Bradford has just become one of the first independently produced comics to push past the 100,000 download mark!

A true-blue indie label comic garnering 100,000+ readers is an unparalleled triumph for both independents and digital comics alike. There are few such comics that make it onto Diamonds’ Top 300 for any given month, and none that rise above the 10,000 order mark. Robot 13, on the Android market alone, Robot 13, with Android Market downloads alone, would be at the #2 position of Diamond Top 300 of June 2010! Which is unquestionably ground-breaking of for an indie.

“Robot 13 is a truly Independent Comics success story,” Blacklist Studios’ Co-Owner and Robot 13 Co-Creator Thomas Hall said. “Everything was done without Diamond’s distribution or outside funding, and was the product of two guys making Comics they wanted to see as fans.”

“Sure, we knew the book was pretty good,” Blacklist Studios’ Co-Owner and Robot 13’s Co-Creator Daniel Bradford continued. “But who could know we would get that level of interest? It was more than anyone could have expected.”

I’ve really enjoyed the Robot 13 saga so far and each comic is better than the last. If you’re not one of the many who have downloaded this great little book to your iPhone or Android, you should definitely take a look at it. Issues are cheap and fun to read on the go. I’m glad to see comics we’ve spotlighted here at Infinite Hollywood continuing to get success. Now all we need are some Robot 13 action figures!

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