Swamp Thing actor and star of the two major motion pictures as well as the TV show, Dick Durock passed away this past Thursday. Although most people probably remember Durock’s run with Swamp Thing as somewhat campy, he always seemed to really embrace the character well. In fact I thought Dick Durock really got Swamp Thing and brought a lot of emotion to the character despite wearing layers of makeup and rubber.

More here about the life of Durock. He was pretty young all things considered. He did a lot of bit work throughout Hollywood.

I listened to an interview with Dick Durock about a year ago shortly after the release of the first season of Swamp Thing the TV series. I haven’t heard anything about the second season being released, but it’s a good DVD to pick up for cheap if you want to see some of the better Swamp Thing costumes. The show isn’t great, nor were the movies, but Dick Durock did a great job with them. I always wished they’d had the TV show costume for the first movie, it probably would have done better.

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  • Gilltron says:

    A real loss, while I was never a fan of the television series the two Swamp Thing movies were enjoyable,they captured the essence of the character pre-Alan Moore. Rest in Peace Dick Durock .

  • Tom K. A. says:

    Big fan of the show when it aired on sci-fi in reruns. Dick Durock was a pretty good actor. I believe he did some bit parts in Six Million Dollar Man as well.

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