So on the figures I’m really anticipating news, there is supposed to be a Gamera Revoltech figure on the way. This news broke a couple months back, but I haven’t heard anything since. Not even a decent picture yet. I really need a good 1995 style Gamera figure. I just recently passed on a good one and now I feel remorse about that. I want this Revoltech one!

Thus far the closest thing to a really poseable 1995 style Gamera is this Microman one. Unfortunately I hear these Microman costume figures aren’t very poseable because of the way the rubber suit works. Come on Revoltech, be my savior! Be the savior of children all over!

Plus that Microman one is more 1996 Gamera. I really liked the design on the 1995 Gamera. It seems everything is either 60’s Gamera or 1999 Gamera. Why is Gamera 95 so hard to do? Whatever, it looks like this Revoltech one will be the 1995ish Gamera. I have a couple of vinyl Bandai Gameras, but they aren’t cutting it. But I’m starting to get impatient.

Which reminds me, why haven’t we gotten a new Gamera movie?! Gamera: Little Braves wasn’t that bad. Bring on a sequel! I need me some Gamera.

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  • Gilltron says:

    How many figures on 06’s Gamera the Brave? Agreed we need an articulated mid 90’s Gamera, there are tons on non-posable that look nice just aren’t fun to play with.

  • Michael says:

    Interesting… I have the 6 inch Bandai vinyls of Gamer Showa, Heisei, and Little Brave. I wish Bandai would crack out some more Gamera or Godzilla vinyls.

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