Revoltech Mobile Police Patlabor
AV-98 Ingram 1 (Movie Version)
5 Inch Scale
By: Kaiyodo
$20 & Up

I haven’t seen a ton of Mobile Police Patlabor, but I have seen more of it than I saw of King Gainer (which was none) and I generally liked the anime. There have been countless spin offs since the first anime in 1998. The general premise of Patlabor is that robots are now used for industrial and municipal jobs. With those robots everywhere, comes a police force that also uses them. Again this falls under the giant robot category as these robots are controlled by little drivers inside. Of course it wouldn’t be Japanese anime if our star wasn’t either a little boy in short shorts or a sexy femme fatale. In the case of Patlabor, it’s the latter.

Revoltech has actually released several Patlabors prior to this differentiating them by what anime or OVA they came from. This is the movie version and it’s #42 in the Revoltech series. Let me save you a lot of time researching the other versions right now, this is the best one.

This comes in the same sort of window box treatment deal that King Gainer did. As I said in that review, almost all Revoltech boxes are designed pretty uniform. That doesn’t take anything away from the design, but it also doesn’t leave me a ton to write about each time.

Because the Patlabor robot is a very nice white and gray color, it really looks good in the minimalist box because it fits into the same design. This makes the figure look quite sleek inside.

Once you remove this guy from the box you get a plastic shell. Underneath there is a stand and a few more accessories taped inside a little bag. The actual shell lifts off and inside is the Patlabor robot and some of his other accessories. There isn’t a single rubber band or a twist tie here. HOW DO THEY DO IT?! I kid of course, the Japanese market doesn’t have to deal with the heathens we have here in less sophisticated countries. Not that Americans are dumb per say, but clearly the American toy companies feel the need to strap everything in so that no one can open the package in the store, much less at home.

Interestingly, Mego used to sell their toys in little window boxes and K-Mart and other retailers told them to stop because kids were ripping them open and stealing all the parts. So don’t think this is just conjecture on my part, American kids have proven to be out of control. Anywho, enough about the problems of the American toy market and back to the review…

Unless you’re an anime fan, you probably won’t be ale to tell the differences in the models of the Ingrams. The movie version is slightly different, but it’s pretty close overall. To me this looks like classic Alphonse, (the name the driver gave her Ingram) but there are probably minor differences throughout. There is even the name Alphonse written in tiny letters on the side of his chest.

This is definitely a more modern anime giant robot. He has lots of sleek curves and pointy tips just for the sake of having pointy tips. Despite the fact that I think sometimes the genre has gotten too cliched, the Patlabor Police robots are really a great design and this Revoltech greatly mirrors that.

Just because the design of the Ingram is a classic, doesn’t mean that the Revoltech would necessarily be any good. However it’s pretty apparent that lots of love and attention went into this figure. The Ingram is loaded down with extra little paint details and some of them are really tiny.

Much like Robocop the Ingram can store it’s pistol in a built in leg holster. Revoltech has incredibly replicated this ability by including a opening panel on the leg (on a revolver joint no less) and an extra arm that is the “extending” arm that the Ingram uses to grab it’s gun.

It’s almost scary that Kaiyodo can get that into their 5 inch Revoltech figure but McFarlane can’t get that into the 8 inch Robocop toy. If you ever wonder why Japan is so far ahead of America in terms of toys, this goes to show you why. It’s an attention to detail and a love for the products that they make.

Despite being a giant robot, this guy very much feels like a COP! The built in arm shield instantly reminds you of a riot squad and with the amount of posability combined with the weapons and little details like the badge and Police logo, you can’t help but pose this guy into positions that you might would pose Charles Bronson… Well, if Charles Bronson was a robot.

Size wise, this guy is pretty small. He’s even shorter and more pequeño all over than King Gainer. He feels more like he’d be GI Joe scale than Marvel Legends scale, but some of that is design. Don’t let his small features turn you away though, because this is one of the coolest toys out there.

Take a look at most robot toys in America, even the ones that are designed in Japan like Transformers and you’ll see that mostly, they don’t have a lot of posing opportunity. The Revoltech Ingram defies all that. You can get this guy into a ton of realistic poses that you can’t get most human figures, much less robots.

Sometimes people don’t think much of the Revoltech joint. They believe that perhaps it’s more hype than reality. When you see it in action, on a figure like this which would usually be an almost immobile clump, you really get the brilliance of the engineering. There is such solid work here.

The head is on a combo Revoltech joint, which means it basically has two revolver joints on it. This allows you to get all the movement of a ball joint, but also added poses. He can move his head like a chicken and this has become affectionately known as “chicken neck” by some fans. I can’t recall a single other toy that’s not a Revoltech that I have in my collection that can do that. The shoulders and upper arms are done via cut joints, which typically is a bad thing but these have been cut in several different areas to allow you a lot of the same range of motion as a ball joint would have. The elbows are revolver joints while the hands are simple peg joints.

There is also a revolver joint at the waist which really amps up the posing opportunity. He has cut legs and thighs, but again these don’t work quite like your standard cut joint. Revoltech’s patented revolver joint at the knee and ankles round things out.

In my King Gainer review I mentioned that Revoltechs typically come with a lot of accessories. Ingram is one of those perfect examples. There is so much stuff here to cover and surprisingly it’s all really good stuff as well. This guy has extra hands, but thankfully they aren’t on a Revoltech joint, which means they are pretty easy to swap out.

Ingram has the aforementioned extendable arm, two extra sets of hands for a total of three sets of hands. They are fists, one open hand and one pointing hand, two gun holding hands. Despite the fact that gun holding hands are made to hold the gun, you really have to wedge it in there. I actually ripped my gun’s trigger piece a bit pulling it in and out. Alphonse also has an extra head where his eye visor is “squinting” and a bonus set of antennas.

Perhaps the most incredible accessories are the guns. You get a really cool shotgun that has actual PUMP ACTION as well as three versions of his pistol. The detail on the pistol are really out of this world. This thing is the size of my thumbnail and it has as much detail as guns we typically see on 8 inch figures.

The three versions of the pistol are cocked and ready, one with a peg to attach to the inside leg holster and one that’s in the process of being loaded. It even has BULLETS IN IT! Out of this world. Also included are two billy clubs, one that’s folded up and one that’s unfolded. Finally he has the standard Revoltech stand with the extra basing piece. A total of 15 accessories.

Expect to pay at least $20 for this guy. You might catch him for a little cheaper, but generally this guy still runs for his original retail price. In fact the movie version of the Ingram can often be found for over the original retail. The reason for that is that this character is really well done and in high demand. Even though there are three or four other Ingrams in the Revoltech line, this is the definitive version and worth tracking down if you’re a fan of the robot or the design.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 9
Sculpting – 10
Articulation – 9
Accessories – Extra Hands X2 Sets, Extendable Arm, 3 Pistols, 2 Billy Clubs, Extra Head, Bonus Antenna, Stand
Value – 8
Overall – 9 out of 10

This Revoltech scores another high mark and ranks itself among some of the best. From an aesthetic stand point, it’s vastly superior to the King Gainer figure, but the high price and fewer revolver joints are enough to make me feel comfortable giving this guy a solid 9 rating. He’s almost too small to really feel comfortable spending $20 on, but there are far worse deals out there. This is the kind of toy I wish I could build an army of and is without a doubt something that if you left on your desk you would constantly be playing with. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter to get all your March of the Robots updates.

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