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Ringside Collectibles
Order Year: 2011

This is a new segment exclusive to Infinite Hollywood that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, but have dragged my feet on. I buy a lot of stuff online and as a result, I’ve used just about every online retailer that’s even remotely known and plenty that are unknown. So periodically I will review my experiences with them, for those that haven’t ever used them. No this is not a sponsored post, no retailers know I’m doing this, nor do they know which order I will judge their service on. This is being done to let potential consumers know which places have good service and which don’t.

I’m labeling these by years as often a retailer can change, so if their service becomes better or worse, I’ll do a new post with that information. First up is Ringside Collectibles, also known as and, the largest and most well known wrestling toy merchandise website around. If you’re looking to buy wrestling figure merchandise, more than likely you’ll cross paths with Ringside Collectibles at some point.

Ringside has a pretty huge site with a ton of stock, but like many larger retailers, they tend to carry mostly new items. That’s not to say they don’t still have old items hanging around, but those tend to be slow sellers or overstock. Ringside is not the place to go if you’re looking to find vintage AWA wrestling figures, as an example. One thing that does set Ringside apart from many other retailers in this department is exclusives.

Ringside has a good relationship with both Jakks and Mattel and as a result not only get exclusives, but actually have them made specifically for their store. Ringside knows the wrestling business and wrestling fans, so their exclusives aren’t just things like a “clear translucent blue” version of a figure. Instead they’re entirely new concepts based on popular characters that might not otherwise see retail. Ringside has produced things like Kane with his mask, Hulk Hogan and Sting in exclusive decos as well as format, and even a bald CM Punk. They’re also usually pretty fairly priced and many times the quality on these figures are better than the ones in the stores, with loads of accessories and unique packaging.

I’ve only ever had one issue at Ringside, and while it was not on my most recent order, it was this year so I’m including it in the review. I had ordered a fair amount of product from them, but they simply left one figure out. I emailed them and much to my surprise they quickly responded and sent out the figure on it’s own. No fuss, no muss, just shipped it right away. I have to admit that it ranks really high on my customer service experiences.

Shipping Price:
One of Ringside’s issues is that their shipping prices are among the highest in the business. They’re not too overinflated, this isn’t MattyCollector we’re talking about, but they are steep. They use UPS, which is one of the more expensive shipping places around. However, they’re also very trustworthy and reliable. Ringside doesn’t fool around with a lot of shipping options. If there’s one issue with Ringside, it’s the shipping. It can more or less invalidate the sales that the site often has.

Shipping Time:
My most recent order I placed on July 5th at around 4:30 in the afternoon. I received my order today, July 8th at about 11:00 AM this morning. That’s a three day turn around from ordering to shipping to receiving. That’s damn fast. Of all the retailers out there, Ringside Collectibles in my experience is one of the fastest in terms of getting you, your items. You may pay a little more for shipping at Ringside, but it’s definitely rewarded in terms of time frame for delivery.

My items arrived today in a large box that is printed Ringside Collectibles, as they often do. I’ve never received a bad box from them, although you may receive a retailer case sometimes. There are people who collect those as well, so that might be of a benefit to some of you.

It’s packed well enough and sturdy to take most abuse. I have heard some folks complain about the occasional minor bend on the card, but I don’t need my stuff perfect MOC. As well, I’ve never received anything I considered beat up, either.

Inside they use simple paper and intelligent packing to keep your items safe. By that I mean, they tend to find boxes that only allow your products to snugly fit in. That way all they really need to do is stuff in a small amount of paper and nothing is going to be jostled around.

Ringside’s other real issue is pricing. For the most part they are competitive in terms of general price with your local brick and mortar, but Ringside has a nasty habit of jacking up the prices on the popular items. Obviously since Ringside is buying in bulk, it stands to reason that they want to make a little more money off of the popular characters and not just be stuck with all the pegwarmers.

Still, it can be annoying at times as prices range from mildly marked up to obscenely marked up. Ringside Collectibles get their stock of figures before anyone else. Typically long before retail. This is because Ringside orders straight from the manufacturer and have their items shipped express from overseas. They pass some of that cost on to you.

However, when an item’s popularity decreases, they are pretty good at getting the items back into a reasonable range. When you consider that Ringside is often the first to have many items, again the pricing isn’t too bad. If you want it early, you’ve got to pay for it. Unfortunately Ringside often has exclusives that can be quite pricey as well.

Ringside has a lot of sales and they range from decent to great. Sometimes the sales are phenomenal and I made my most recent purchase during their 4th of July sale (which ends today BTW) and it had a lot really good deals. If you’re looking to pick up figures cheap, their sales are hard to beat. Even when they have a weaker sale, it’s a great time to pick up fodder characters that you might not want to spend much on.

Typically they always have some sort of a 5-10% off coupon active all the time. If nothing else make sure you look around for one first. This helps offset some of the shipping prices and you’d be a fool not to use it.

Finally, Ringside offers discounts on damaged packaging and figures. To me, any retailer that doesn’t do this is suspicious. By that I simply mean, no matter how much product you get, eventually something will arrived damaged from the manufacturer. If a retailer doesn’t offer these up at reduced rates, it means they’re probably trying to sneak them into your orders and pass the buck. Ringside is always fair and honest and tell you up front that you can buy this figure with package damaging for a reduced rate. On my most recent order I purchased a $10 figure for $3, because the backer card was missing. I was going to open it anyway, so it saved me some money and the figure is in perfect condition!

Score Recap:
Selection – Good
Service – Great
Shipping Price – Moderately High
Shipping Time – Super Fast
Packing – Good
Pricing – Good
Sales – Great
Overall – B+

Ultimately if you’re looking for WWE, TNA or UFC figures, it’s hard to beat Ringside Collectibles. The issues with the site are minor and mostly reasonable, with few exceptions. If you’re after the hottest new figures, fast, there’s no doubt that Ringside is the place to visit. If you’re looking to make average purchases, try to catch them on a sale and you’ll be impressed with the service and quick shipping time.

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