Oh no, there goes Tokyo your greater metropolitan area! Check this out, I stumbled across a place in Japan that lets you rent Godzilla suits. Not just any Godzilla suits, but actual screen used Godzilla suits! Pretty cool. They have Godzilla from Tokyo SOS, Godzilla from Final Wars and MechaGodzilla. Of interest is that they have both MechaGodzilla from Tokyo SOS and the 1990’s version of MechaGodzilla.

Direct from Toho

I’m not sure exactly what purpose renting these suits is for. It appears to be a Toho spearheaded project and they also rent some equipment. I’ve heard those suits are pretty cumbersome so I’m guessing these aren’t for children’s birthday parties. Maybe for advertisers who want to feature Godzilla in commercials? Or student filmakers interested in learning Kaiju?

If it’s for commercials, I would hope that I could only make something as awesome as this Gamera commercial:

But alas, there’s no information on the site as to how much it costs. It’s around a $100 just for insurance so I’m guessing it’s probably a couple grand to get your hands on these Godzillas for a day. Plus it’s exclusive to Japan… Well there goes my weekend plans.

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