Froztok and Warnet
3.75-inch scale
By: Spin Master
$7.99+ Retail, Clearance Price $2.98

What the heck is Redakai? Who knows?!? Wikipedia, that’s who!

“In Redakai, the battle of good versus evil is fought by warriors who can harness a powerful energy source called Kairu. Through mastery of Kairu, a warrior can gain incredible strength, lightning-fast speed, and superhuman mental powers. In their most intense battles, warriors can even transform into Kairu monsters. The most powerful Kairu warriors join the ranks of the Redakai, a force dedicated to protecting the galaxy from those who would abuse the power of Kairu.”

I always assume that anything that’s not trying to re-hash properties from the 80’s is trying to rip off the success of Pokemon, so I’ll just say it’s like Pokemon.

Spin Master has certainly seen its fair share of hardships the last few years, but seems to be constantly improving on their flaws to make some pretty fun toys. Redakai might be getting clearanced out at retailers now, but it’s certainly not because the toys aren’t cool. Let’s take a look.


The packaging on these guys is a little busy, but certainly not awful. The more subdued oranges and browns aren’t really doing any favors in naturally drawing the eye, but amidst the sea of bright blue and white in the aisles of late, you’d be hard-pressed not to notice these guys by mere contrast.

One big drawback to these sets is that there’s no real tie from the toys to the game that they’re supposed to accompany. How are the toys supposed to be used with the card game? Or are they not? They do come with some really well-done lenticular effect cards that I assume can be used to do something neat, but without any instructions or hints on the box, I’m at a loss to know what it is.


So we’re clear, Froztok is on the left and Warnet on the right. These guys, simply put, look freakin’ cool! Both have very simple yet unique designs that remind me a lot more of heroes and villains from the mid-80s to early 90s than anything from the last ten years, a trait which seems to hold true across the line.

We’ll start with Froztok, since he was the figure I wanted most upon spying the back of the box on the clearance rack. I love clear figures, and this guy doesn’t disappoint. The plastic matches in color across the figure and is made from such a crystalline plastic that he appears almost flawless when held up to light. The only paint shows up on his eyes, which are a rich red color and really make them stand out from the rest of the figure. You may have to zoom in to see, but the eyes are oversprayed on mine, which you could say is some type of war paint, but it’s not present on the box illustration. While the paint is certainly lacking, I for one kinda dig a purely clear character. It not only looks different than most things on my shelf, but also allows for some serious customization. A little white paint could give a nice frost effect and you could go nuts with fun tribal tattoos and have yourself a little clan of cool snow monsters.

His spiky look and muscular, squat appearance instantly give the impression of a frost giant, and one that’s certainly up to no good. I dig the hoof-like toes, too.

Well if Froztok is the monster of the two, Warnet is absolutely the warrior. The snarl of the headsculpt could equally pass for cocky jerk of a hero or savage villain. He’s covered in angular, pointy armor complete with spikes on the chest, shoulders, and hands. The paint work is nowhere near perfect, but not sloppy to the point where I’d call it bad. For all these Redakai figures, I definitely recommend going through the pegs to find the best paint you can.

Warnet’s color pallet appealed to me for a very specific reason. To my eye at least, he looks quite similar to the 200X style of Masters of the Universe, specifically the armor of Man-At-Arms. Add in the bug-like design of Buzz-Off from the same series and this figure would fit in pretty dang well with any of your Eternian heroes. My fleshy counterpart Wes from Scary-Crayon had another idea altogether, using Warnet, Froztok, and a handful of others as henchmen for his Mumm-Ra figure from Thundercats. Their designs are just generic enough that they’ll fit in with multiple 3.75 displays, but fun and unique enough to still stand on their own.

Neither figure is a slouch in the accessories department. Froztok comes with two HUGE scimitar-like blades that fit over his fists, also cast in clear colors, but green instead of blue to break up the palette a bit. These things are just massive and, surprisingly, are individually sculpted pieces designed to fit over either the left or right fist, but not both. While I think the addition of any weapons at this scale was a great idea, I think I would have liked maybe some clubs or hammers a little better. Still, the figure’s certainly not worse off for having these, so I’ll shut up now.

While Froztok’s weapons serve as a fun extra bonus, Warnet’s take the coolness factor up a notch. Also sporting clear accessories, his are made of a frosty blue plastic, which is a nice contrast to the much clearer and more refined finish of Froztok’s swords. The wings, while not poseable, do add some panache to the guy that he didn’t have before. I love his little stingers, too. They retain that bug-like quality of the figure and can be used in all different sorts of ways. Daggers? Wands? Missiles? Sure, why not?

The only issue I took with Warnet (whose name is totally awesome, PS) was that I couldn’t tell if his wings were supposed to be removable or not. I had to shave some flash to get mine to fit anyway, but the way it seems like it should lock tells me they’re probably permanent additions. Be aware, because the plastic on the wings isn’t as rubbery as it might seem and could break if too much pressure is applied.


Now considering these guys are in the 3.75” scale and are not made by Hasbro, you might assume that their articulation sucks, but I’m happy to say you’d be wrong there, mon frere! It’s not astounding, but it’s certainly enough to have fun. From top to bottom on both figures, we have a ball and socket neck, swivel-hinged shoulders and elbows, ball and socket hips, and swivel-hinged knees.

The biggest selling point for me is the lower body articulation, which is often overlooked in the 4” scale. Having any kind of turning point in the thigh or knee area seriously aids the balance factor of your figure. GI Joe for some reason is learning this the hard way.

Both heads are somewhat limited, but less so than you might imagine. These are no Bandai sculpts where the ball joint is just there for looks, and you will be able to get some nice tilting (more so out of Warnet) action for emotion, attitude, or straight up battle!

The articulation isn’t perfect. I’d love some swivel wrists and ball ankles, but considering the unproven nature of the IP, it’s astounding we got what we did. I think Spin Master is keeping a close eye on its budget and figuring in exactly what it can and can’t cut (compared to its Tron and The Last Airbender franchises), and ultimately, I think they made the right choices.


These guys are pretty generic bad guy monster fare, but I think that’s exactly where there charm lies. They can fit in easily as Thundercats henchmen or Glyos Not-Wampas. There’s just enough here to have some nice, generic fun. And for 3 bucks a pop, I can’t recommend them more!

That’s right, these guys are currently running on clearance at Target for only $2.98 apiece, despite the occasional $5 pricetag. The sticker says it was originally 10 bucks, but I don’t recall ever seeing them for more than maybe 8. For 6 bucks, they’re a pretty good deal, considering the accessories and the nifty lenticular cards. For 5, I’d say pick your favorites.

For 3 dollars, I’m telling you to go hog-wild. If you’re into animated heroes and villains, there’s a lot of variety in the line, as you can see from these guys here. For 3 bucks, you can take a shot and if it totally sucks you can give it to a neighborhood kid. But for my dollar, these guys are different enough from what I’ve been seeing of late and articulated and detailed enough to be fun on the desk or to keep in the kids’ bin for when my nieces and nephews come over to play.

Score Recap:
Aesthetics: 8
Articulation: 7.5
Value: 10
Overall: 8.5

Redakai may or may not have succeeded as an IP, but the figures it spawned are cool generic monster fare that’ll fit right at home just about anywhere in your 3.75” collections. I’ve already gone out and picked up several more because these guys are just silly good fun and the two reviewed here are some of the least gimmicky ones of the entire line. Monsters, henchmen, army builders, whatever type of lackey you’re lacking, I highly recommend checking out Warnet, Froztok, and the entire line of Redakai figures while you can still get your hands on them.

Just don’t expect to play the game. Seriously, are these figures supposed to work with the game? I couldn’t throw away the Tron instructions fast enough and now I’m begging the same company to explain why the figures were even mad! This is probably socialism’s fault…

Thanks for reading and as always, it’s just a toy. Open the darned thing.

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If you like the older stylings of these figures, take a look at Newt’s List of the Top 10 Toylines of the 80’s. Thundercats at number seven?!? Rabble!

3 Responses to Redakai Froztok and Warnet Figure Review

  • I almost picked a few of these guys up when they were on clearance around me. I decided against it because I have too much random crap as it is. However, they never had anybody as cool as this. I probably would have snagged a couple of these guys if I'd seen them.

  • clark says:

    I picked up several of these figures once they hit $3. Warnet, Metanoid and Froztok were the best. I definitely liked Warnet's almost MOTU appearance.

  • wesitron says:

    Yeah Warnet was a real surprise for me. I saw Aetherus on YouTube had bought some, too, with multiples of the silver Metanoid. At first I thought it was silly and then I was like, "Snap! That's about as close as you can get to an Ultron clone army in animated style right there!

    Silverbaxx is also really awesome and to me at least is what Battle Beasts should strive for. If he had regular articulation in the arms, he might be my favorite.

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