If you like giant Japanese monsters (and chances are you do if you’re here!) then I’ve got a great new, FREE service to tell you about. Goohead.com is a new internet “TV” channel that offers up a variety of old school Japanese TV programs and movies, streaming online for free. No tricks, no sign ups, absolutely legal, absolutely free! Perhaps the coolest of which is Super Robot Red Baron, which is about a group secret agents, their crazy inspector friend and of course, their giant ass kicking robot. Red Baron combines a lot of typical Tokusatsu and Henshin Kaiju elements, but does so in a crazy LSD induced 1970’s way.

The show actually isn’t that bad, aside from the over the top 70’s elements and the “comedy”. Of course if you know anything about the genre, that sort of stuff is par for the course. This makes for great Saturday morning or late Saturday night fun. Invite your friends over and do your own Mystery Science Theatre! Goohead has the entire run of the show to watch in high quality streaming using AWS S3 and Cloudfront technology.

It’s a great way to get introduced to the craziness of Japan and see some cool giant robot/men in rubber suits fights along the way. Super Robot Red Baron managed to do some really interesting stuff during it’s run and even introduced some new elements to the genre. If you like it, the DVD of the series is available to purchase online for pretty cheap and this is a great way to sample before you buy (or just watch the whole thing if you’re poor).

That’s not all they have though, Goohead also has rights to air Iron King! This is another giant monster battle show, albeit a little more direct in it’s Ultraman homage. Iron King looks like an Ultra, although he is not. He too is a giant robot. This show is equally as good and focuses on a pair of heroes instead of an entire team. One guy, Gentaro Shizuka who dresses and acts like he just walked out a Clint Eastwood spaghetti western, who uses his super powerful whip and his goofy partner Goro Kirishima who dresses like a 1970’s ladies man. Goro also happens to control the powerful Iron King, using of all things, his pimp hat!

Iron King has a lot of fun elements and if sort of like Supernatural… If Supernatural was made in the 1970’s, by the Japanese, on acid and about giant robots and aliens! Once again the entire show is also available on DVD, but Goohead allows you to watch it for free.

They also have a couple other more kung fu fighting type TV shows and pretty much all of the old and new Gamera movies to watch as well. The quality is quite good for all the programs, although no remastering has been done on the old TV shows. However, everything is offered in it’s original (but subtitled) form. You can watch full screen on your computer, phone or sling it to your TV. Two crazy cool 70’s Japanese giant monster shows, a bunch of giant monster movies and it’s all for free! Can’t beat that!

In the interest of full disclosure, the Goohead.com website is quite difficult to navigate and looks a bit bare. It’s best to use my links here for the Television Section and the Movies Section. Go to “older content” to keep viewing episodes. It’s totally free and pretty cool if you’re into that sort of Tokusatsu programs. Supposedly they’re going to get some Ultraman eventually, but I don’t know if it’ll just be what’s been released here or not.

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