Realm of the Underworld Archfiend

Realm of the Underworld
Archfiend “Ultimate Evil” Edition
5 3/4 Inch scale
By: Zoloworld

Yesterday we took a look at the regular version of the Archfiend and today we’re looking at the “Ultimate Evil” version of this figure. While on the surface the two skeleton figures are identical, they have a few differences that set them apart. The story for this version appears to be that they’re more powerful in this color scheme.

These skeletal minions are slaves to HADES – the king of the underworld. Each entity are drones to serve the dark leader, but also can be commanded by the one who wears the HELMET OF HADES. These skeletons are surrounded by an aura of dark magic. Without it, they can not exist on the world of man. This aura emanates from the underworld and empowers these dark minions. Once the gates to the underworld has opened, their power increases and they become more difficult to defeat.

Skeleton battle
Is there any reason to buy this figure over the basic version? We’ll do a complete breakdown, including an unholy image you can’t erase from your mind, behind the cut. Step into the Underworld with me, won’t you?

I already went over the packaging extensively in my Hercules Review so if you want to hear my more elaborate thoughts, read that.


In a nutshell, though, I quite like this retro style package. It’s vintage goodness.

The sculpt here is identical to the previous Archfiend, so I’m not going to go over it too much. It’s a nice, retro skeleton with a few details that are definitely pretty good when you consider the basis of this figure was sculpted in the 1980’s. However, if you’re looking for hyper realism, this isn’t it.

The difference here is the paint work. Instead of being white, he’s a dark gray, with a lot more overspray shading than the basic Archfiend. There appears to be a slight brown hue to it as well. I won’t say it’s “better” but it definitely pops a bit more at first glance. I’ve went back and forth on which version I prefer.

My favorite detail is the arm/wrist bone which is open. This is the perfect spot to pop in the included shield and it’s also a neat structural element to the figure.

He has the same cod piece/loincloth deal that the other Archfiend skeleton had, but this time the middle is painted red. Again, it’s a subtle difference but it does help the figure stand out. As before, it’s completely removable.

Scale shot!
The scale on these is interesting. The head is actually bigger than the vintage Pirates of the Galaxseas figure that it’s based off of. Why Zoloworld decided to do that, I’m not entirely sure. As a result, this guy ends up being a bit bigger than the rest of the figures.

Of course, the skeletons were always going to be a tad large, because they have longer necks.

The extra height allows him to infiltrate other lines a bit easier, either as a large imposing skeleton warrior or one that’s just the right height.

The entire figure can break down, for mixing and matching parts. Right now that’s not all that exciting because there just aren’t that many parts to choose from. The concept is good though.



Just imagine the unholy creations you can make with just a few spare parts.

I hate it when that happens.

I hate it when that happens.

Unfortunately as I mentioned in the other review, the skeletons aren’t as interchangable as the regular figures. The skeleton torso just doesn’t grab onto those arms as tight. So they fall right off. It’s a minor issue, but it’s one you should be aware of. The legs swap just fine, though.

You get a pretty standard old school articulation scheme here. The skeletons are no different from the regular ROTU guys in that sense. If you ever owned one of the Remco guys, you know what this is about.

Skeleton big
The best part is the ball joint legs. They are vintage, true ball and socket joints. While the range of movement isn’t anything to write home about, they function nicely and allow you to balance him well. Given that the figure is so light, this is important.

The removable parts allow you to cut off limbs or heads. That’s always fun!

Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him.

Alas, poor Remco! I knew him.

As I always say, decapitation is a boy’s best friend!

The accessories are a bit frustrating. Poor Philip over at BattleGrip nearly flipped his proverbial lid when he reviewed this figure because of the accessories. While I find them a bit annoying, it doesn’t bother me as much as it did Phil.

You get three accessories: The belt, the shield and the knife.

The belt and shield are the same as the other Archfiend. The sculpting on the shield is quite nice and yes, it does have other origins. A lot of these accessories started in other lines.

I’m not sure Philip understood how to snap the shield in, but this is how I think it displays best. Otherwise, yes, it’s hard for him to hold it in a traditional manner.

The knife is the real sticking point. Actually, I think it’s an axe or a clever, but you get what I mean. It’s SUPER loose in the hand and will fall out at the drop of a hat.

The reason that this is frustrating, is that Zoloworld had to have known this wasn’t going to fit. They should have either retooled this to have a thicker grip or chose another weapon. Back when this line was called something else, the skeletons were shown coming with much cooler outfits. I wish we’d gotten those helmets and swords for the skeletons.

On the plus side, the knife weapon does fit in the hands of other figures in the line. Just not the skeletons. Or you could wrap a small piece of tape around the handle and get it to fit more snug.

Normally these guys run almost $24 before shipping. That’s pretty steep in today’s market, although still considerably cheaper than the closest competitors. The good news for you reading this right now, is that Realm of the Underworld is having a sale right now on the figures in conjunction with the pre-orders that will start tomorrow for Wave 2. So you can shave a few bucks off if you order now. Again, the price is probably the biggest hurdle for most folks, but these are really well constructed and don’t feel cheap or “bootleg” at all. The low runs and limited nature of them make them a better value than they might appear on the surface.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 9
Sculpt/Paint – 7
Articulation – 7
Accessories – 7
Value – 7
Overall: 7

I dropped this guy’s score down over the regular Archfiend because his accessories just aren’t as good. The paint is slightly more interesting (but I like both) but the lack of a really good weapon brings him down a notch.

If this guy had a different weapon (one that fit snug in his hands) and that cool helmet, he would be a must have. As is, he’s a nice figure but not as good as the other Archfiend. Somewhere between the two is a nearly perfect figure, but on their own, neither quite reach that level.

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  • Wes says:

    I can’t, Newt. I can’t! These… these are dollar store toys. They’re arguably inferior to dollar store toys. (Okay, maybe not current ones, but those Chap Mei figures from a few years back kick all kinds of crap out of these in terms of sculpting AND accessories.) And they’re $23, which is pretty close to the price for a legit MOTUC figure. I really don’t understand!

    • Newton says:

      Trust me, if the dollar store had anything even remotely close to this on the shelves, I’d be there all the time! They are a little pricey, but the quality on them is really good. Much nicer than one might expect. These are oozing with classic Remco goodness.

    • Albert Pena says:

      I understand what you’re saying, but once I got one of these figures I was impressed. They’re much better in person. Plus, Chap Mei does fantastic work. It’s not like those figure couldn’t easily be worth more than what they charge for them. Chap Mei is good stuff.

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