Realm of the Underworld

We are just days away from the official launch of Realm of the Underworld as the toy line goes up for pre-order on Friday. You may recall me talking about this line several times in the past few months, back when it was called Warlords and Warriors. The line has underwent a few name changes, but ultimately it remains the same. Great old school styled figures, with improved modern construction. The best part is that it’s just about here! And today have I got an exclusive for you.

Realm of the Underworld Zoloworld Card Front

It’s a sneak peek at the front of the card. This is what the figures will come packed on. Zoloworld has already revealed the back of the card, but we got the first look at the new front of the card. It looks incredible. Very retro and in with the vibe that they’re trying to attain. I particularly like that it mentions that it “plays with all other 5 3/4 fantasy figures” which is something Remco would often put on their cards.

These dudes go up for preorder on Friday at They have a lot of neat stuff planned for this line and orders are expected before Christmas. I can’t wait!

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  • King Vulture says:

    These are cool, not psyched about Hercules, but these three above are nice. I'm big fan of MOTU from the beginning and I had a couple of Remco's Warlord figures. I'm glad folks are keeping this style alive.

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