Halloween, Michael Myers

ReAction (Horror Series)
Michael Myers
3 3/4 Inch Scale
By: Funko

As we continue our walk down the long and winding road to Halloween, what better way than to spotlight the masked maniac from the movie Halloween? John Carpenter’s Halloween helped define a genre and springboarded the slasher movie to the forefront of cinema. While it wasn’t the first of it’s kind, it set the tone and helped establish that these sorts of movies could have an effective story told and haunt people’s minds with sharp visuals, stunning score and iconic villains. Halloween went on to spawn numerous sequels, some of which are quite good and others that are downright dreadful.

However, the one thing that the Halloween series never had, was action figures. Sure, NECA, Mezco and others have cranked out Halloween figures in recent years, but it’s a bit of a surprise that during the late 1970’s and early 1980’s that no toys came out for the franchise. By the time A Nightmare on Elm Street hit box offices, toys were part of the game, but Michael Myers never had such luxuries. Funko sought to rectify that and released this retro figure of Michael Myers from Halloween, imagining how a toy like this might have looked in 1978.

There’s not much to the basic blister cards of these figures. While Funko deserves some credit for creating individual cards for each license, there’s nothing revolutionary going on here. In fact the images chosen are pretty basic and don’t jump out at you, but they’re perfectly acceptable.

You’ll note some warping on the card here. Unlike the recent Super7 The Worst figure that I reviewed the cardboard used here on these is quite thin. The bubble is fairly loosly attached as well. While I didn’t have any issue with it coming unglued, I have heard that’s been a problem, especially on these earlier series. You might be careful that Michael’s butcher knife doesn’t slip through the card either, as it’s very thin and could be missing if it even slightly comes unglued.

The back shows off the rest of the figures in this series, but certainly not all the Funko ReAction figures. Heck, not even all the Funko ReAction horror figures… Just the modern ones.

These are done in the Kenner style, but Michael Myers doesn’t really scream Kenner to me. He almost has a less defined sculpt. It’s definitely the homicidal maniac from the Halloween movies, but at the same time it lacks a bit of the more refined sculpting that you might have expected from a better figure. The end result is a bit of a Remco or Mego 3 ¾ vibe. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, mind you, it just feels a bit cheap.

And that’s part of the charm here. You can just imagine this figure coming out in the early 1980s and being sold at drug stores and Woolworths. Michael’s head looks a bit pinched, not quite as fat as you might want. He certainly doesn’t look like William Shatner, then again, that mask didn’t totally resemble the Shat anyway.

You could argue that the mask doesn’t look right, but that seems to be a recurring trend with Michael Myers stuff. Heck they couldn’t seem to keep the mask the same from movie to movie, and sometimes the mask changed a bunch during the course of the same movie (I’m looking at you H20!), so it’s somewhat forgivable.

His body is nicely molded and quite thin. Myers eventually became a hulking brute, but in the early films he’s quite lean. He was supposed to be a malnourished mental patient, after all. One issue with the costume is that the arms and legs are painted blue, as opposed to molded in it.

This leads to some rubbing which feels a bit like a letdown. While I can appreciate the figure looking cheap, I don’t necessarily want it to feel cheap, even if that’s some sort of contradiction.

The back of the figure has some weird breaks in the mold, which is a Funko trademark at this point, but it’s a bit annoying. Sure, it’s not like the blue jumpsuit would necessarily be harmed by this, but it’s just one of those aggravating things that makes you wish they took just a bit more care about where they’re putting those articulation cuts in relation to the sculpt.

Again, this has the classic Kenner articulation that all the Funko ReAction figures have. You get arms, legs and neck cuts. Nothing special.

But it works in the very generic nostalgic way. If you want a better articulated Michael Myers, seek out some of the work from Mezco or NECA (although those aren’t super articulated by any means) as this is supposed to be a figure straight from the early days of Halloween.

Michael Myers comes with a single accessory, but it’s an important one. The butcher knife that he often used to kill his victims. The sculpt here is decent, albeit a bit soft.

The paint is a flat silver. It’s a bit of a shame that the handle couldn’t be painted too. It takes away from the realism a bit, but might be par for the course for the era it’s depicting. The knife is VERY thin though. While it does fit into his hand alright, it’s definitely something that could get lost in an instant.

At $10 this guy is sort of the middle or the road in terms of value. Yes, he’s not a great figure by any means, but he perfectly encapsulates the sort of cheap figure you’d have found of this character had it been made in 1978. Given that you can find this guy for around $10 and often less, he’s a decent value if you can appreciate the retro vibe.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 6
Sculpting – 7
Paint – 7
Articulation – 5
Accessories – Butcher Knife
Value – 8
Overall – 7 out of 10

I honestly can’t complain about this figure too much. While it’s nowhere near on the level of excellence that the recent Worst figures are, it’s still got a lot of retro charm. Partially because it’s a licensed figure, you can specifically get a vibe on when this toy may have came out. It feels cheap, it feels 1978 and in that way it’s a success.

It’s really just a shame we can’t get the rest of the cast. I need a Dr. Loomis! Laurie Strode you can almost fake with some of Funko’s female figures, but the good doctor takes a bit more effort to fudge.

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  • barbecue17 says:

    I wish Funko would revisit the Horror Series and Halloween but they seem to be very “one and done” with most ReAction licenses. I have this figure and I really like him. Putting him alongside all of the other retro styled horror figures is really a very cool thing.

    • Newton says:

      Yeah they either go “all in” and create a bunch of figures for a series, or they just do one figure. It’s odd where they decide to choose to a whole line. I think the Karate Kid line is cool and fun for what it is, but I imagine Dr. Loomis would have sold better than 3/4s of those guys. Then again, perhaps my own bias is clouding my judgement.

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